Product Code: DW-ERDNUDE-30
Daiwa Emeraldas Nude 3.0 - 14gr

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Emeraldas Nude jigs are so named because they do not have the usual surface weaving, their body is smooth giving the lure a better glide in the water. This will allow you to make it swim very easily in dry vertical pulls or making it make great swerves by stopping the gesture and accompanying it on the descent. Thanks to a pearly diamond-shaped coating which is located above the jig, it reflects the light even more: the cephalopods will not resist this attractiveness and the realism of this jig whose eye is in 3D. A perforation on the tin ballast will allow you to add a lead using a staple. Another practical feature: its eyelet is located on the front of the lure, just above the head, thus reducing snags.

#3,0 14g 4sec/m