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Fish Grips

Made of stainless steel and aluminium.Grip fish gently but securely to handle the fishes properly.Rugged, compact, lightweight and easy to use.Great for handling fresh and saltwater small species safely.Length: 93mm..
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Made of high quality aluminum alloy. Comfortable and non-slip rubber handle. With stainless steel spring. Anodized aluminum for better durability. Built-in scale, max capacity 28Lbs/12Kg.Length: 290mm..
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It is a compact landing tool that does not get in the way even if it is compacted with a small self-defense handgun as a motif, and it is kept in a pocket or a fishing belt.  The claw (nail) which increased thickness and length with balance that does not hinder the portability which is the..
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Recommended for you who don't want to touch fish with bare hands or can't touch fish with bare hands ! Recommended for women! Even small fish can be unexpectedly dangerous. If you try to touch the fish with bare hands immediately after fishing, you may be injured. Also, it m..
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The same philosophy is RAPTOR DINO GRIP, on a thinner line. Available in four colors. Its design resembles the mouth of a dinosaur. It secures and unlocks very easily, in one move. It is suitable for keeping fish, especially small ones, while trying to unhook it and then put it in the storage area. ..
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Landing grips, which are a must-have item for fishing, but until now Don't you think that you often felt a little annoyed when you were wobbly or troubled with the storage space? At DRESS, we responded to such customer needs, and holders that are compatible with various landing grips, not limited to..
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Fish Grip from the Japanese company Golden Mean.The Capture Grip is a quality handle to keep the fish safe and fast without getting our hands dirty. You are accompanied by a safety ring so that we can fasten it in various places on us, such as belts, vests and bags.Length: 250mmWeight: 118.5g..
Ex Tax:24.03€
Fish Grip with case from the Japanese company Golden Mean.The Capture Grip is a quality handle to keep the fish safe and fast without getting our hands dirty. The case helps to keep the Grip stored on us while it also has a loop to hang it on our belt or vest. With a spiral so as not to lose it.Made..
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Mini Fish Grip from the Japanese company Golden Mean. The compact fish grip "GM Grip Mini LT" is exclusively for small fish. Holds the fish's mouth firmly with easy handling. They are made of lightweight and rust resistant metal and reinforced plastic (GFRP).Length: 127mmWeight: 49g..
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Light Fish Grip from the Japanese company Golden Mean. The handle is intended for small fish. Made of rust resistant materials and reinforced plastic.Length: 125mmWeight: 35g..
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Complete set of fish hold from the Japanese company Golden Mean. Set consisting of a Fish Grip for small fish and a Pin On Reel with a large spool up to 100cm in addition has a mounting hook so we can place it anywhere.Pin On Reel Weight: 45.5gFish Grip Length: 125mmFish Grip Weight: 28g..
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No more struggling to unclip your net when you're about to land the fish of your life. Just grab the net and give it a yank....after you’ve landed that monster, reach back and the two mates snap back together.Use it as a key chain, pliers holder or flash light’s there when you need it,..
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Stainless fish grip from Okuma. It can weigh up to 23 kg...
Ex Tax:19.35€
Lip Grip made of high-strength CNC machined aluminum with stainless steel parts and comfortable EVA handle. It is very lightweight and easy to use with trigger mechanism. Available with adjustable cord.Length: 26cm..
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Lip Grip made of stainless steel and comfortable handle made of EVA. Easy to use with one hand, with piston mechanism and small in length. Available with adjustable wrist strap.Length: 18cm..
Ex Tax:5.65€
A new model dedicated to game fishing that has improved strength and durability while maintaining its compact size.A spring has been added to improve the usability, and the body has been given a red color to redesign.Size: 20 cm..
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Make fast work of landing and releasing your catch without harm to you or the fish. Securely hold fish with one-hand. Quick release mechanism holds strong, yet releases with ease. Built from durable, molded heavy-duty plastic for ultimate corrosion resistance. Includes wrist lanyard for security.Com..
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Here is the most compact version of fish grip from Spro . The Lip Gripper 360 is smaller, so it benefits from a better grip which will make your movements more precise. This fish clamp has been equipped with a new innovation: a handle rotating 360 ° on its axis. This will minimize the damage to the ..
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