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Okuma Magda Tai Rubber

Okuma Magda Tai Rubber
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Okuma Magda Tai Rubber
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Tai Rubber is becoming more and more popular and Japanese company Okuma has built a truly quality reed at an affordable price. Although it is a Japanese fishing style in its origin, the great demand and the particularities of the Mediterranean sea, led Okuma to the development of Magda Air, a game changing Tai Rubber rod, available at an affordable price, making large prey battles a walk in the park. The Okuma Magda Air rod is a very basic tool for Tai Rubber fishing and thanks to its construction features and the unique quality of its carbon material, it manages to fish perfectly both with small and large-sized Tai Rubber jigs. Also, an essential part for creating the ideal combination of equipment is the use of very fine braids and the Okuma Magda Air scores highly there. The final outcome makes justice for Okuma's efforts, as the Magda Air rod detects even the slightest bite and can handle big game even with PE # 0.8 braids. At the same time it manages to very well combine sensitivity with strength and endurance.

The Okuma Magda Air Tai Rubber reel seat is Fuji, the guides are Fuji Alconite and it is a very reliable rod at a very affordable price.