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Specialized offset weightless hooks that fit perfectly with RAIS SPOTTER 5 '' as well as RAIS SPOTTER 7 ''. They are available in two different sizes. The size 2/0 fits perfectly with the RAIS SPOTTER 5 '' and the size 4/0 fits perfectly with the RAIS SPOTTER 7 ''. Designed by RAIS based in Italy, a..
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Rais Spotter 2.0 5" Rais Spotter 2.0 5"
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RAIS SPOTTER 5 "is the most effective slug on the market. It is made in such a way that its movement in the water is very realistic even if we fish it with a pure unleaded offset hook. Its slim silhouette is the secret of success It is also the reason that fish love it.It is made of excellent qualit..
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Rais Spotter 2.0 is a slug type silicone which due to its design can work with little or no extra weight, maintaining its movement or which comes from its special tail. Fix it weightlessly with 4 / 0-5 / 0 offset hooks for use in shallow water or in cases where the fish are suspicious. If we are fis..
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Rais Spotter C32 3.2" Rais Spotter C32 3.2"
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RAIS's little slug goes by the name C32. Its length is only 8.1 cm and its weight is 5 grams. Proportional to its length, it has a satisfactory weight, enabling us to be able to fish the RAIS C32 with the technique of Weedless fishing and more specifically, using a pure unleaded offset hook, achievi..
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