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Jigging - Light Jigging

Boat rod for many fishing techniques from the company Cinnetic. Ideal for Light and Ultra Light Jigging.Sections: 1+1ModelLenghtActionWeightUl 1901,90m40-120g185g..
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This is the top CINNETIC rod for this specialty. The Slim blank, developed in XBR 36ton carbon, is thin and light but with a good recovery capacity and fatigue resistance. The Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji “K” Alconite guides reinforce the technical side and durability of this rod. Avai..
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A very attractive rod made of a slim 24ton blank with XBR reinforcement having as main features strength and elasticity to perform in a brilliant and reliable way in any situation. Equipped with Fuji VSS reel seat and K series guides.Sections: 1ModelLengthActionWeight180L1.80m40-120g130g18..
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Legalis Boat Game rods are baitcasting models designed for ledgering work. The extended butt allows for a more comfortable hold under the arm when fishing with larger weights. The relatively soft tip action will minimise hook pulls. The blank is both fine and strong through the two-thirds to guarant..
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For starting jigsaw puzzles, Megaforce cans are ideal! In addition to their classy look, they are equipped with a modern jigsaw puzzle that allows you to place your cannon under your armpits with comfort. The curtain-rolled port offers a merely pressed into the main of the barrel.Bay Jigging (BJ) mo..
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New Megaforce jigging rod with an aristocratic look and incredible value for money! The rod of this series consists of two stems with a total length of 1.90m. Daiwa has equipped the Megaforce series with a modern non-slip EVA handle and SiC guides for better thread and line management.The new M..
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A full-scale jigging rod that pursues the fun of shaking jigs. R360 structure that allows anglers to reduce the burden on the body by minimizing the input to the rod in actions such as "bouncing", "flying", and "dropping" the jig, and allowing the jig to continue to be manipulated at will. ..&n..
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The updated Crostage is here to reward the Majorcraft audience with another upgrade without incurring purchase costs. New blank lined with Micro Pitch Cross Force and coated guides that increase their life against rust. A fairly affordable rod for the novice and experienced fisherman, as it offers a..
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The dream rod must be light, unbreakable, accept threads of various diameters and not let the fish unhook. Your dreams come true with the new boat for boat techniques from Majorcraft. As the name implies, FullSoli is made of a full carbon rod, making it virtually unbreakable and extremely flexible. ..
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The best value for money available on the market for boats. It covers several techniques, always offering easy solutions in choosing an economical and good reed.Equipped with X-Force, SS drivers Fuji O-Ring and Fuji Reel Seat.JIGGINGSections: 2 (Grip attachment / detachment)Action: Re..
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An All Around rod from Shout for light jigging that supports several Jigs because the load can be transferred smoothly from the tip to the body of the reed.Conical design that can support Jigs flexibility from 50 to 90g.PE Line: #0.8 ~ 2Max Drag: 2.5 kgModelLengthActionWeightSLT671B2.05m50..
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The Shout Seduced Kudako Drift rod is exclusively for large fish.High quality materials and construction suitable so that you can emerge victorious in the biggest and toughest battles!PE Line: #3-5Max Drag: 4kgModelLengthActionWeightSKD574B1.74m150300g207g..
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Tailwalk Dash L-Jigging Tailwalk Dash L-Jigging
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Rod blank is slim but it has good tightly feeling because blank thickness and cross wrappping. So the anglers can perform sharpness jig action and easy to make jigging rhythm. You can make naturally jig action and good and beautiful rod bending.X-wrapping carbon sheet from butt section to ..
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Tailwalk Salty Sape Dash Jigging Tailwalk Salty Sape Dash Jigging
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SALTYSHAPE DASH JIGGING series are for standard jigging game, combines the proven performance features - Very strength and toughness, Move jig as imagination of angler, Good responsibility, Easy handling for beginners but expert anglers consent also.Good for AMBERJACK, YELLOWTAIL, TUNA, GROOPER, and..
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