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Surf Casting

One of the most efficient telescopic rods on the market, at a very affordable price. It consists of 5 stems made of high quality High Modulus Carbon, ceramic guides HQ Ceramic Guides, screw support base of the mechanism from durable graphite and top of intense color to make it easier to perceiv..
Ex Tax:33.87€
Telescopic rod for the casting technique, with a length of 3.60 m and c.w. 150 gr. ideal suitable for all fishing conditions.It consists of 5 straps, is equipped with ceramic guides, screw support base of the mechanism from graphite and top bright color for better visibility of bites.Sections: 5Mate..
Ex Tax:32.26€
Poseidon is a telescopic rod, ideal for fishing for fish such as sea bream, murmurs and sea bass, in fishing from ports and beaches. The 5 sections of which it is composed are made of carbon material, so that it has low weight and can withstand even under continuous use. Its length is 4 meters, it h..
Ex Tax:41.94€
FeaturesHigh Modulus Carbon (HMC)Excellent quality-price valueSuitable for long fishing daysSemi stiff structureTIP : TubularReel Seat DPSSections: 3Action Type: SEMI PARABOLICAction. : 100-250gTransport Length:CSAO42: 150cmCSAO45: 159cmModelLengthWeightRingsCSAO424.20m620grLowRiderCSAO454..
Ex Tax:56.45€
FeaturesHigh Modulus Carbon (HMC)Excellent quality- pricevalueOptimal benefitsFor long days fishingTIP : TubularReel Seat DPSSections: 3Action Type: SEMI PARABOLICC.W.: 100-250gTransport Length: 150cmModelLengthWeightRingCSOU42 4.20620grLowRider..
Ex Tax:60.48€
FeaturesHigh Modulus Carbon (HMC)Slim blankAnti sliding gripSemi stiff structureTIP : HybridReel Seat DPSSections: 3Action Type: Semi-ParabolicC.W: 100-250gTransport Length: 147cmModelLengthWeightRingCSSAP242 4.20617grLowRider..
Ex Tax:100.81€
3-piece rod made of high carbon (HMC).Tubular nose for strong throwsSemi-parabolicSeaguide MN type guidesDPS mechanism baseExcellent value for moneyAction: 100/250grModelLengthWeightTransportLengthPlus 4.204.20m538gr157cmPlus 4.504.50m554gr157cm..
Ex Tax:120.97€
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