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Spanish Lures

MESIAS 110S the ultimate minnow for seabass fishing from the Spanish Lures company. This is a slim minnow with a size that will not leave any bass unmoved. It has excellent movement in the water characterized by the combination of intense wobbling and rolling. Its swimming is stable even in bad weat..
Ex Tax:12.50€
The "sparrow" is one of the most efficient and popular Surface and is the most reliable solution in the TopWater category! It is a purebred artificial surface that moves on the surface of the sea with a distinct zigzag motion. To have this effect the way we will use it is the technique of Walk The D..
Ex Tax:12.10€
The Sparrow 90 is a WTD class artificial surface. Its length is 9 cm while its weight is 12.3 grams. In terms of construction, it is a flawless artificial with embossed details on the head such as gills and mouth while the show is stolen by the large and very realistic 3D eyes.The ease of use is con..
Ex Tax:11.29€
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