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XZoga Black Mamba Attack XZoga Black Mamba Attack
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The new Black Mamba Attack rod from XZoga was born as a light weight, flexible and power lure casting game rod. Behind the Xzoga name is a professional fishermen team with a vast experience in sport fishing, which has been in the course of 20 years. Opening them to new, innovative things, profession..
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The XZoga BXX Revo is a Slow Pitch Jigging rod, made 99% of graphite. Made in one piece, it has a small combat heel that leaves out most of the blank. It is equipped with a thick blank, developed with the unique, Custom X, carbon thread wrapping technique, which has made an impact in the market..
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The Black Buster Z Infinite series is one of the top rod series for Slow Pitch by the Japanese company. They are made 99% of high quality and density, 3rd generation graphite microfibers, raising the adrenaline thermometer very high. The rod consists of a single stem and a split handle, which leaves..
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