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The XZoga BXX Revo is a Slow Pitch Jigging rod, made 99% of graphite. Made in one piece, it has a small combat heel that leaves out most of the blank. It is equipped with a thick blank, developed with the unique, Custom X, carbon thread wrapping technique, which has made an impact in the market..
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The Black Buster Z Infinite series is one of the top rod series for Slow Pitch by the Japanese company. They are made 99% of high quality and density, 3rd generation graphite microfibers, raising the adrenaline thermometer very high. The rod consists of a single stem and a split handle, which leaves..
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Ballistick HIRA model (for Black-fin Seabass) have been renewed with NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY and TORZITE ring guide from FUJI. 107MH, 11MH, and 11H has been designed for not only Black-fin Seabass of course but also for Blue Runner while taking advantage of toughness of butt section and fle..
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8 models of Ballistick TZ Nano (Excluded HIRA series) are deserved to be called New generation seabass rod which have been loaded TORZITE ring guide and NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY.These are not just updated model of previous series. We believe that these are good enough to be expressed as “Reb..
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In 2020, BlueCurrentII reborn as BlueCurrentIII .This is not mere model change. This is kind of numbering which means that designing of BlueCurrent series get into the third generation.The most important elements that YAMAGA Blanks have been thinking are characteristic and identi..
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BlueCurrent TZ series have been redesigned to load TORZITE ring guide which have achieved both lightness and less friction of lines. Because of the potential of these blanks which become lighter and sharper than previous models, we believe that you will be able to feel the performance of this n..
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Already 11 years has passed since one of YB’s masterpieces has been released. Finally In 2017, BlueSniper Shore Casting series is totally renewed. We have chosen Nanoalloy technology from TORAY to form new design of concept.You will be surprised how lightness and how sharpness it is when y..
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Yamaga Blanks Calista TZ/NANO Yamaga Blanks Calista TZ/NANO
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Egging rod series from YAMAGA Blanks “Calista” have been renewed with latest technology. Blanks of Calista have been redesigned totally with NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY to achieve potential of response as egging rod of new generation.The ability of distance cast have been increased thanks to TO..
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What is the early four rock series the rock fish game that Yamaga Blanks thinks about? It is a series pursuing. In addition to achieving both strength and lightness, we have created a blank design that emphasizes the ability to catch the running of fish by restoring the bend with good resp..
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What YAMAGA BLANKS achieved in the Seabass range, was the perfect balance of standard features required by a rod of this kind, while at the same time incorporating all the new technologies needed for an efficient and relaxing fishing.The new models of the Seabass series offer long shots without any ..
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Yamaga Blanks Early For Surf Yamaga Blanks Early For Surf
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We have focused on ability of long distance cast, lightness to keep your concentration higher and strength to deliver heavy jig further than you think. Of course these are good to be used for flat fish with minnow, metal jig or jig head on surf, also suits to black fin seabass or blue runner fr..
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Yamaga Blanks Mebius Yamaga Blanks Mebius
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2018, YAMAGA Blanks releases new eging series.We have put our accumulated techniques and knowledges into “Mebius” series.We think that there are lots of meanings we release new eging rod series on our 10th anniversary of foundation.We have a hunger to build eging rod with high performance, superior ..
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FeaturesHigh Modulus Carbon (HMC)Excellent quality-price valueSuitable for long fishing daysSemi stiff structureTIP : TubularReel Seat DPSSections: 3Action Type: SEMI PARABOLICAction. : 100-250gTransport Length:CSAO42: 150cmCSAO45: 159cmModelLengthWeightRingsCSAO424.20m620grLowRiderCSAO454..
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FeaturesUltra rigid structureSuitable for long fishing daysExtreme powerSLHMC Super Light High Carbon ModulusAction NO LIMITSFuji ALCONITE CASTING RingsFuji CASTING reel seatSections: 1ModelLengthTransportLengthWeightCJNC212.10m210cm360gr..
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FeaturesSensitive bait detectionSpecial progresive actionNeopren gripSLHMC Super Light High Carbon ModulusAction NO LIMITSFuji K ALCONITE RingsFuji CASTING reel seatSections: 1ModelLengthTransportLengthWeightCJNS21C 2.10m210cm 270gr..
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FeaturesHigh Modulus Carbon (HMC)Excellent quality- pricevalueOptimal benefitsFor long days fishingTIP : TubularReel Seat DPSSections: 3Action Type: SEMI PARABOLICC.W.: 100-250gTransport Length: 150cmModelLengthWeightRingCSOU42 4.20620grLowRider..
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FeaturesHigh Modulus Carbon (HMC)Slim blankAnti sliding gripSemi stiff structureTIP : HybridReel Seat DPSSections: 3Action Type: Semi-ParabolicC.W: 100-250gTransport Length: 147cmModelLengthWeightRingCSSAP242 4.20617grLowRider..
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3-piece rod made of high carbon (HMC).Tubular nose for strong throwsSemi-parabolicSeaguide MN type guidesDPS mechanism baseExcellent value for moneyAction: 100/250grModelLengthWeightTransportLengthPlus 4.204.20m538gr157cmPlus 4.504.50m554gr157cm..
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Zenaq Muthos Accura Zenaq Muthos Accura
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We change the new standard for the evolved shore jigging game.It has already been about 15 years since we released the genuine shore jigging rod, MUTHOS. Our field test has been kept on going while all this time of 15 years, and the polished fishing technics and new philosophy made a further ev..
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When you are targeting big fish, you have to choose a powerful rod, but it cannot handle light lures perfectly.  When you want to use light lures like 10g, you choose medium class rod, but it doesn’t have enough power to fight big targets. The main concept of MUTHOS Sonio 100M was to overcome t..
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Zenaq Muthos The Mid Game 96 Power Zenaq Muthos The Mid Game 96 Power
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Mid Game 96 is the perfect rod when using jigs in the 50-90g weight class. With a sensitive tip and powerful butt section,controlling fish even in the nastiest of environments is a breeze.The rod Mid Game 96 is available with RG Guides.RGModelLengthLureWeightPELine The Mid Game96 Power9'6" (2,9..
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Zenaq Plaisir Answer Zenaq Plaisir Answer
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PLAISIR ANSWER is developed for seabass as a main target in Japan. It has performed its high potential in all over the world against many different species such as blue fish, barracuda, bonito, and fresh water species. There are 7 different types specialized for different situations.Plaisir Answer P..
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