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Cinnetic Shore Jig Pro Bag Cinnetic Shore Jig Pro Bag
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Practical and Smart bag made of waterproof fabric, with plastic boxes included and many gadgets for hanging all items needed for shore fishing, such as pliers, scissors, line cutters, etc. The compact size is ideal for carrying just the basic and walk long distance comfortably. Composed of ..
57.00€ 95.00€
Ex Tax:45.97€
Meiho Bucket Mouth BM-7000 Meiho Bucket Mouth BM-7000
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Compact size bucket mouse with condensed strength, storage capacity, functionality. Optional parts such as drink holders sold separately can also be mounted. It is a sense of size to fit every situation.Dimensions: 445 x 335 x 320 mmCapacity: 28lt..
57.75€ 64.15€
Ex Tax:46.57€
Folding base for two Surf-Casting Rods, stable and durable construction. ..
Ex Tax:43.55€
High quality double sided box for 14 lures with very good value for money.Dimensions: 360x250x65mm..
Ex Tax:14.19€
High quality boxes with very good value for money.Dimensions: 252x197x40mm..
Ex Tax:5.65€
High quality boxes double sided with very good value for money.Dimensions: 275x185x50mm..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Classic telescopic landing net from the company Aligator. Available in 4 sizes. Suitable for boat and shore.PoleWreathNet1,50m40x40cm16mm1,80m50x50cm16mm2,00m50x50cm14mm2,20m50x50cm6mm..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Small sciccor from Aligator company.Material: InoxPlastic handleLength: 11.5cm..
Ex Tax:1.61€
100% synthetic grease, ideal for brass steel and plastic parts, inhibits rust and prevents corrosion, detected by UV, patented additive with unique smooth texture.Packing: 30ml..
Ex Tax:9.68€
100% synthetic oil minimally greasy, compatible with all materials, non-sticky substance, stable temperature performance.Packing: 30ml..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Telescopic gaffs made of extruded aluminium, a saltwater-resistant special alloy and with a carrying clip. The gaff hook can be screwed off and thus transported in a safe, space-saving manner.Available in two sizes. 1.20m1.80m..
Ex Tax:17.74€
Behr 91-02810 Behr 91-02810
-10 %
The BEHR jig case is made of durable, waterproof material and each shot case has perforated material so that the shots do not retain moisture as we store them. One can save 8 jigs and 16 shore jigs. It has two perforated pockets that close with zippers as well as 10 waterproof pockets made of ny..
28.50€ 31.65€
Ex Tax:22.98€
Made of aluminium alloy heat –treated to precise tolerances.Replaceable jaws are made of SUS420J2 Stainless steel and tempered for a longer life.The jaws Includes split rings opener and crimping function.Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters with a hardness of 70+HRC. Easily cut braid line and mono.A..
Ex Tax:31.45€
Made of stainless steel and aluminium.Grip fish gently but securely to handle the fishes properly.Rugged, compact, lightweight and easy to use.Great for handling fresh and saltwater small species safely.Length: 93mm..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Transport and protection case specially designed for rods with a mounted reel thanks to its peculiar protruding shape. It is made of Oxford 420D and 600D fabric and good quality zippers with customized rubber handles. The case is built over a rigid plastic frame which gives protecti..
Ex Tax:59.68€
Cinnetic Combat Belt Cinnetic Combat Belt
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Comfortable and durable combat belt, with a high resistance belt and a quick fastener. An essential accessory to be at hand any moment.Dimensions: 35cm X 18cm / Ø40mm..
Ex Tax:28.23€
Practical plastic double sided box for Egi or artificial lures up to 140mm long. The “Y” shape interior keeps the lures in an optimal handling position and helps water drainage through internal holes.Large:27cm x 16cm x 4,5cmX-Large:27,5cm x 18,5cm x 5cm..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Reel box is a protective case for our reels. Padded and rigid. The square shape and compact size are meant to optimize the space in our bags or rucksacks, avoiding dead room. Depending on the reel model perhaps dismounting the handle will be needed for better fitting.Size “M”(18x..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Line cutting clip with a hanging lanyard.Stainless steel very sharp edge.The big handle allows easy operation even with gloves.Also equipped with an anti tangle needle and small knife.Including hanging lanyard with a very practical ruler printed on.Including an additional plastic connector for hangi..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Confortable and useful pack of two Velcro bands, ideal to hold some rods , i.e. during transport, preventing them from hitting each other. The Velcro bands adapt to the different thickness of the rod and have a slot to allow a guide getting inside should it be needed...
Ex Tax:4.03€
A great quality box that by dimensions is thought for keeping bigger lures in a tidy way, such as big poppers, walkers, or big stick baits among others. It is indispensable for our popping trips.Dimensions: 21x14,5x4cm..
Ex Tax:8.87€
Made of high quality aluminum alloy. Comfortable and non-slip rubber handle. With stainless steel spring. Anodized aluminum for better durability. Built-in scale, max capacity 28Lbs/12Kg.Length: 290mm..
Ex Tax:44.35€
Semi rigid reel case. Reinforced over and bottom, it is as attractive as practical. The interior is padded and Velcro dividers to adapt to different reel sizes. It has an internal compartment and two zipped pockets for smaller items such as keys, lub. tubes, etc.Dimensions: 25 x ..
Ex Tax:46.77€
Cinnetic Reinforced Bag Cinnetic Reinforced Bag
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Transport and storing side bag with a rigid base, suitable for standing on damp areas. The padded and rigid structure protects our tackle. Sturdy and roomy, with two side pockets and a big front chamber. Rubber handles and a shoulder strap.Dimensions: 45 x 28 x 26cm..
Ex Tax:32.26€
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