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Squid Jigs Accessories

Squid Jig Hook Cover from Aligator company. Available in two sizes. Five pcs per package.Medium: for squid jig up to #3.0Large: for squid jig up to #4.0..
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A compact size squid gaff that is ideal for Langan Egging. It is a more convenient item that is less likely to get in the way when moving than a tamo. It also has the advantage of less disparity because it avoids the risk of catching squid legs and eggs on the net when using tamo.By reduci..
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Squid Jig Hook Protector from DTD company...
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A sinker specially designed for squid jigs that is easily placed on their nose and helps us both to increase the sinking rate and to deal with the large currents that may exist in the area we fish.The package includes three weights 3-5-7g...
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Double needles that can easily be adapted to shots, small fish, squid boxes, etc. They have a spot painted with phosphorus to further attract their prey. The package also includes a heat-shrinkable tube for a better fit.Each package includes 3 pcs...
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Nakazima Needle IKA-SHINKEI Nakazima Needle IKA-SHINKEI
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If you enjoy cooking squid, it is good to kill the squid immediately after fishing. Put IKA SHINKEI between the eyes of squid and not regret .Length: 26cm..
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Yamashita Ikashime Yamashita Ikashime
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Designed to quickly and humanly dispatch squid and cuttle.Length: 12cm..
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