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Squid Jigs Accessories

Squid Jig Hook Cover from Aligator company. Available in two sizes. Five pcs per package.Medium: for squid jig up to #3.0Large: for squid jig up to #4.0..
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A compact size squid gaff that is ideal for Langan Egging. It is a more convenient item that is less likely to get in the way when moving than a tamo. It also has the advantage of less disparity because it avoids the risk of catching squid legs and eggs on the net when using tamo.By reduci..
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If you enjoy cooking squid, it is good to kill the squid immediately after fishing. Put IKA SHINKEI between the eyes of squid and not regret .Length: 26cm..
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Yamashita Ikashime Yamashita Ikashime
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Designed to quickly and humanly dispatch squid and cuttle.Length: 12cm..
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