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XZoga Black Mamba Attack XZoga Black Mamba Attack
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The new Black Mamba Attack rod from XZoga was born as a light weight, flexible and power lure casting game rod. Behind the Xzoga name is a professional fishermen team with a vast experience in sport fishing, which has been in the course of 20 years. Opening them to new, innovative things, profession..
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The Cinnetic Crafty Dart’n Spin rod is ideal for those who want to start the Spinning or Lrf technique with a dynamic and quality rod.Made from a combination of carbon guides type "K" 30/24 HRC and handle Fuji VSS.Sections: 2Type: FastTransport Length:237ML: 123cm267ML: 138cmModelLengthActionWeight2..
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This is a new model of the RAYCAST XBR series, combining the best of darting and spinning. The slim and sensitive blank is capable of moving naturally small lures at thesame time than firmly casting heavier ones thanks to the nerve and power reserve of its 36ton XBR blank. Equipped with Fu..
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Τα καλάμια της σειράς Gundog έρχονται με πολύ υψηλής ποιότητας βαφή, δέσιμο πολλαπλών στρώσεων, εντυπωσιακά βολική λαβή από EVA τάπα με χάραξη Laser . To blank των καλαμιών αυτόν είναι κατασκευασμένο από ανθρακώνονταν άριστης ποιότητας Κορεάτικης προέλευσης ,οι οδηγοί είναι τύπου SIC ενώ η βάση του ..
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Daiwa BG Seabass Daiwa BG Seabass
-10 %
BG Seabass rods have been rehoned and remain the ideal partner for the reels of the same name. These powerful blanks have been designed in HVF carbon wrapped using x45 carbon technology for heightened resistance to compression and torque as well as a faster return to true. Featuring Fuji Alconit..
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Daiwa Crosscast Daiwa Crosscast
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This Crosscast range offers a wide variety of rods for all sea fishing and is adorned with Fuji Concept O rings. The exclusive Daiwa reel seat is very ergonomic and the V-Joint shanks offer perfect curvature. From kayaking to shore jigging to the great classic swimming fish, all fishing is on the pr..
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Daiwa Fuego Daiwa Fuego
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The Fuego spinning rods range, came to replace the very successful Daiwa Ballistic. It is made up of a complementary set of rods from 1.98 to 2.7m.These, easy to transport two section rods, have X-45 new blanks and are fitted with Fuji O Ring guides, which boast an aluminum oxide ring and a modernis..
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Daiwa Lateo Daiwa Lateo
-10 %
Sea bass rod standard has evolved to this level! New LATEO with lightness, sensitivity, operability and all refined. Sea bass (Suzuki) is written as "LATEOLABRAX JAPONICUS" in scientific name. Skilled hunters from all over Japan, along the coast, rivers, and harbors, attract anglers and never stop. ..
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Daiwa Legalis SeaBass Daiwa Legalis SeaBass
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Legalis Seabass rods have been designed for cast and retrieve work. Whether casting off the rocks or from the beach, the Fuji Concept O guides will allow you to punch plugs out at range, with a Lowrider tip guide to minimise overruns. A crossed carbon reinforcement has been applied through the lengt..
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Procaster A rods are geared for lure work in freshwater. The range covers light setups and versatile approaches from bank or boat thanks to the variation in length and power: from 1.8m to 3.03m and from 3-15g to 14-56g.Carbon blank, layer of "Wrapping X" at "1k Woven Carbon" the buttPut-over jointsA..
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Daiwa Prorex AGS Daiwa Prorex AGS
-10 %
A brand new Prorex AGS series! This super-comprehensive range of rods featuring AGS guides covers all predator setups, from ultralight to dropshot and from vertical to straight retrieve styles. The series has been reworked with the aim of offering the most sensitive rod possible to freshwater pr..
277.20€ 308.00€
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Daiwa Prorex E Daiwa Prorex E
-10 %
Prorex E rods form the most comprehensive offer on the market for baitcasting for predators and above all pike. These new blanks have been finished with Fuji Fazlite guides. Their HVF carbon has been wrapped using x45 technology and reinforced with 3DX carbon for a sensation on the bank. Power f..
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Daiwa Prorex XR Daiwa Prorex XR
-10 %
Having already won the prize for the best European newcomer at the EFFTEX professional show, the Prorex XR baitcasting range comes back boasting a number of technical and technological evolutions. These exceptional blanks are made of ultra-high quality HVF boosted by Nanoplus technology. Wrapped usi..
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Daiwa RX Lure Game Daiwa RX Lure Game
-10 %
Daiwa made a series of reeds which is worthy of its name but at a truly unimaginable price! This series is suitable for every new friend of the spinning technique. Quality and construction excellent, RX Lure Game rods can offer a lot of emotions on the rocks without tiring us at all!ModelLengthWeigh..
43.20€ 48.00€
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Daiwa RZ Daiwa RZ
-10 %
The Daiwa RZ is a series of economical rods, for the Spinning technique, without lagging behind in quality at all.Daiwa RZ rods are light in hand but strong during battle and respond to your every command, allowing you to be in control. And all this at a very affordable price.Sections: 2ΜοdelWeightG..
66.60€ 74.00€
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Daiwa Spitfire Seabass Daiwa Spitfire Seabass
-10 %
The Spitfire Seabass series is a truly comprehensive range of rods. Covering everything from shore or boat for all beginners looking to get hooked on sea lure fishing with purpose built equipment. If the name gives away the main target of these rods, it won’t stop you using the longer models (1002XH..
54.00€ 60.00€
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The Gamakatsu Akilas Rods are designed to stimulate man's hunting instinct. The blank design lets the angler experience the sensation of speed, accuracy and finesse. By using high quality carbon materials and rod components, we are able to bring you a rod series that has the perfect balance of light..
Ex Tax:225.81€
CEANA is the new series made especially for the European market, which comes to replace the Turel. With similar setup and series all CEANA spinning is FAST top action while Spinning Finesse is Extra Fast action. Equipped with FUJI K (FAZLITE RING) drivers and at an unbeatable price, the new CEANA wi..
Ex Tax:63.67€
The updated Crostage is here to reward the Majorcraft audience with another upgrade without incurring purchase costs. New blank lined with Micro Pitch Cross Force and coated guides that increase their life against rust. A fairly affordable rod for the novice and experienced fisherman, as it offers a..
Ex Tax:122.54€
Major Craft Crostage Mobile 4pcs Seabass Major Craft Crostage Mobile 4pcs Seabass
Everyone will experience severe scenes where accurate casting has a great influence on hit rate. This model is excellent in such Accuracy performance. It corresponds to a wide range from a slightly light minnow to a metal vibe. Especially in harbor area, this model will be useful because there are m..
Ex Tax:149.15€
The updated Crostage is here to reward the Majorcraft audience with another upgrade without incurring purchase costs. New blank lined with Micro Pitch Cross Force and coated guides that increase their life against rust. A fairly affordable rod for the novice and experienced fisherman, as it offers a..
Ex Tax:116.90€
With the purchase of a Firstcast you are welcomed into the world of Majorcraft with great pleasure, knowing that you will always be satisfied with the choice of your cast. They are aimed at the beginner who is now playing in the game of artificial fishing from shore. Because with a good start we als..
Ex Tax:70.93€
Major Craft Solpara Furidashi Telescopic
The first telescopic rods from Major Craft are a fact. Manufactured to the highest quality materials for use in Spinning technique, you can carry them on every voyage for maximum fishing experience.SEABASS EGINGAction:SPXT-90MH: Regular FastPe LineSPXT 90MH: 0.8-2ModelLengthLure(gr)EgiSPXT90MH2..
Ex Tax:107.22€
The new SP Solpara line upgraded to Cross Force blank is here to satisfy even the most demanding of you. The best value for money in the market. There is a wide range of models for coastal fishing, covering all your needs in the selection of economical and at the same time quality fishing. Equipped ..
Ex Tax:91.09€
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