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Assist Braid

CARBOTEX's new ASSIST LINE is a fact. You will be impressed by its quality combined with its price which is extremely economical. Available for bindings (hooks).Thickness(mm)Test(kg)Length(m)Colour0.6053,10010Green0.8067,20010Red1.0074,50010Red1.3094,50010Red..
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Jigging hook braided fishing line  with needle for quick and easy passage. From the company Owner.ModelStrengthLengthPFZ0580 LB5mPFZ05110 LB5mPFZ05140 LB5m..
Ex Tax:8.87€
Made of the same high-grade PE fibers found in braided lines, the Owner TT-21 is a premium Assist Thread.  TT-21 boasts superb abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and a low water absorption rate. The Zxion material of which it is made can't be cut easily and also allows you to wind it on with i..
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Shout assist braid. Available in seven sizes.LBLength50 lb3m80 lb3m100 lb3m120 lb2,5m150 lb2,5m200 lb2m300 lb2m..
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This is the self-made PE line for the assist hook. The PE line does not have strength deterioration by ultraviolet light like aramid fibers which is typified by Kevlar. Since it is braided tubularly, the loop can be made using needle by taking out the inner core. By comparing with Kevlar, it is soft..
Ex Tax:6.45€
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