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Fishing is a passion!

This passion pushed us to open Fishing Mania in 2008 and today with your support it is one of the most active fishing shops in Greece specializing in every technique involved lures and not only, while many of the products we have them exclusively.

Fishing Mania was created for fishing enthusiasts, advanced and not, with the primary purpose of providing the right service, both in technical and material matters. With us, every fisherman will have the opportunity to exchange views and gain knowledge about techniques such as Spinning, Shore Jigging, Egging, Rock Fishing, Surf Casting, Match Fishing, Jigging, Deep Trolling etc.

In our well-designed store, George Fantaros and his specialized staff are at your disposal, to get to know you and share their experiences with you.

Thank you for your support and we are committed to offering you our unique products at the most competitive prices.