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100% Fluorocarbon lines for excellent knot strength, fast sinking and underwater invisibility.Virtually invisible under water Sinking line!Retains 100% of its knot and line strength when wet. Suitable for salt and freshwaters.Diameter (mm)F TestKG Test0.1603,752,300.1804,252,600.2055,..
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Carbotex Original Carbotex Original
-11 %
The polyamide copolymer with CARBON-TEXTURE technology eventuate prominently stable and strong molecular bonds. These bonds give the line ultra high tensile strength and superior knot strength with remarkable UV-stability. The advanced quality controlled manufacturing and the newly developed Japanes..
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This product covers the disadvantage of the standard fluorocarbon such as strains and hard memory due to low stretch and high sensitivity, and realizes high handleability. With its special soft processing, it maintains the natural advantages of the fluorocarbon such as high sensitivity and strength,..
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