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Behr 91-02810 Behr 91-02810
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The BEHR jig case is made of durable, waterproof material and each shot case has perforated material so that the shots do not retain moisture as we store them. One can save 8 jigs and 16 shore jigs. It has two perforated pockets that close with zippers as well as 10 waterproof pockets made of ny..
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The hard shell with core keeps the shape even when the bag is unfolded, so the jig can be put in and out smoothly. In addition, the small pockets prevent the jig from being scratched. It is also equipped with a utility pouch that is convenient for storing assist hooks, readers, maps, etc.A..
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A jig bag that can be rolled up and carried compactly. The soft cover and subdivided pockets prevent the jig from being scratched. Nine jigs up to 20 cm can be stored in the mesh material pocket that does not easily collect water or sand. The material is PVC, which is resistant to get..
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Kali Kunnan Lure Box 24 Kali Kunnan Lure Box 24
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Hard case of 24 parts to carry your artificial, squid jigs, etc. It has transparent partitions - sections where it is easy to see what you have inside without wasting time looking. It has a double zipper and a double handle.Dimensions: 30x20x8cm..
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The Mustad MB021 jig case has 12 slots for jigs up to 15cm and 10 cases for thinner jigs of the same length. It also has 2 cases for slings, rigging and Assist Hooks. In total it can hold up to 22 jigs. Its construction is made of waterproof material (Tarpaulin 500 Denier) and has 2 handles.Dimensio..
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Ideal carrying case for large capacity jigs.Dimensions: 40cmx23cm..
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Owner Cultiva Jig Case 9880 Owner Cultiva Jig Case 9880
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Owner Cultiva Roll-Up Jig Case is soft neoprene wrap style jig wrap is perfect for storing all your micro, long fall & slow pitch jigs. It rolls up to a very neat storage wrap which is great for storing in small places. It features a fold down flap to protect the jigs, a viewing hole f..
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Shout Adjustable Roll Jig Bag Shout Adjustable Roll Jig Bag
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The Shout Adjustable Jig Roll Bag has a two sheets slide structure that allows the bag to be adjusted according to the length of the jig. A short jig can be stored compactly and if the slide extended the Jig Roll Bag can be quickly changed to store long jigs.Storage is neat and compact, as once corr..
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Separate Jig Bag are the cases that fit in the System Jig Bag. You can adjust them internally to increase the capacity of the bag. Available in 3 different models depending on the length of the jigs you want to store.Small: 12 cases for jigs up to 15cmMedium: 9 cases for jigs up to  19cm&n..
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Jigging game from preparation before fishing is started. Field of water depth, type of bait, tide .... To select a jig speculating the idea to every situation. System jig bag Ⅲ weighs the various jigs, length, arranged pockets to accommodate thickness.Version Ⅲ is, the fishing of coastal waters shor..
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Spro Norway Expedition Pilker Bag Spro Norway Expedition Pilker Bag
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This pilker wallet is ideal for carrying pilkers up to 250g. This compact bag features a comfortable carry handle and fits nicely in your tackle bag.Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulin materialWater resistantEasy to maintainABS zippers (corrosion resistant, even in saltwater conditions)Dimensions: 31x4,5x22cm..
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It comes with 24 compartments. Very good to storage all your lures during spinning, easy to carry on your bag.Dimensions:  28x9x18cm..
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It comes with 12 compartments. Very good to storage all your lures during spinning, easy to carry on your bag.Dimensions:  28x3,5x18cm..
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