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100% Fluorocarbon lines for excellent knot strength, fast sinking and underwater invisibility.Virtually invisible under water Sinking line!Retains 100% of its knot and line strength when wet. Suitable for salt and freshwaters.Diameter (mm)F TestKG Test0.1603,752,300.1804,252,600.2055,..
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Fluorocarbon Leader from Majorcraft! Quality - durability at an excellent price!PELbmmLength0.620.12830m0.830.14830m140.16530m1.2550.18530m1.560.20530m1.7570.22030m2.5100.26030m3120.28530m4160.33030m5200.37030m..
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Fluorocarbon Leader from Majorcraft! Quality - durability at an excellent price!PELbmmLength7250.44030m8300.46730m10350.52230m12400.57230m14500.61730m..
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This new product is the further enhanced version of our Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon in terms of abrasion resistance. In addition to the generic clear color. With a wide range of sizes available from extra thin to thick, this is a utility fluorocarbon leader for versatile use.DiameterTest(KG)Length0.26mm4...
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This product covers the disadvantage of the standard fluorocarbon such as strains and hard memory due to low stretch and high sensitivity, and realizes high handleability. With its special soft processing, it maintains the natural advantages of the fluorocarbon such as high sensitivity and strength,..
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The Seaguar Final Line is made of special fluorocarbon which has been developed with special polymer technology. It is truly unique in its composition which guarantees greater durability, soft texture and low weight. The degree of refraction of the Seaguar Final is identical to that of wat..
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Probably the most perfect invisible line in the world! The Japanese company Kureha collaborated with Yuki and built the Seaguar Yuki Neox! It is no exaggeration to say that it is really invisible! The high degree of refraction makes it 100% invisible in water. Its high strength and power are its dom..
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