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Telescopic gaffs made of extruded aluminium, a saltwater-resistant special alloy and with a carrying clip. The gaff hook can be screwed off and thus transported in a safe, space-saving manner.Available in two sizes. 1.20m1.80m..
Ex Tax:17.74€
A compact size squid gaff that is ideal for Langan Egging. It is a more convenient item that is less likely to get in the way when moving than a tamo. It also has the advantage of less disparity because it avoids the risk of catching squid legs and eggs on the net when using tamo.By reduci..
Ex Tax:104.03€
Multi-fiber telescopic pole for landing nets and gaffs. It is light, with a short transfer length.Maximum Length: 3mClosed Length: 42cm..
Ex Tax:31.45€
Telescopic gaff 3 meters long, made of strong fiberglass material. What makes it unique, is its lightweight and small closed length handle. It is ideal for fishing techniques such as Shore Jigging due to its big length, and many other uses as well.Length: 3mClosed length: 42cmMaterial: Multi Fibergl..
Ex Tax:33.06€
Extra Strong Telescopic Gaff from Sim company.Length: 1.60m..
Ex Tax:14.52€
Telescopic gaff from Sim company.Available in two sizes:1.40m2.00m..
Ex Tax:8.87€
One piece stainless steel hooks that float on water at a very affordable price. Available in 2 sizes:0.45m0.90m..
Ex Tax:10.48€
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