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Classic telescopic landing net from the company Aligator. Available in 4 sizes. Suitable for boat and shore.PoleWreathNet1,50m40x40cm16mm1,80m50x50cm16mm2,00m50x50cm14mm2,20m50x50cm6mm..
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The spinning accessory you can’t forget! Ideal for wading or on board, this innovative landing net  racket type is made of anodized aluminium and is 80cm  long. The handle is telescopic with EVA handle and the net  is water repellent and anti scales. It includes a fastening connected ..
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Golden Mean Wading Net Custom Golden Mean Wading Net Custom
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Wading Net from the Japanese company Golden Mean!Abstention for the Wading technique and not only! The net is made of nylon with a depth of 550mm and with a new design on the hoop so that we do not lose any fish. The pole is telescopic and can be easily opened and closed, the handle is equipped with..
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Major Craft Compact Landing Net Major Craft Compact Landing Net
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Major Craft Solpara Landing Shaft Compact Rubber coding net is adopted which scratches hardly on fish body even if the fish is rampant. Hexagon (hexagonal) shape which adopts a wide hexagonal shape as a frame shape when taking in. It is also recommended for salt light game like black snapper a..
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This landing net is a must have tool for the hardcore lure fishing anglers. The compact size makes this landing net easy to transport. At full length  FC landing net is suitable for almost every fishing spot.Available in two sizes 4 και 5m.ModelMeterPcsCM(Closed)LS400FC4760,5LS500FC5960,5..
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Major Craft Hexa-Net Major Craft Hexa-Net
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Hexanet is a hexagonal landing net head model. The design helps to avoid to scare the fish by increasing stability during landing that sticks close to the wall of the breakwater. Available in 2 Models. Every model is available in 2 Sizes.Combine with MajorCraft Solpara Landing Shaft.PieceModelmm1 Pi..
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Just pulling out of the net will unlock the lock, you can do a series of actions from ingestion to storage without stagnation...
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Made of 2mm thick aluminum and with exceptional durability, the Majorcraft Landing System Grip handle comes to turn your abstention into an abstention for Wading but also for use on the boat.It is equipped with a spiral cord safely to prevent falling or even to not get lost in the sea.All Japanese-t..
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No more struggling to unclip your net when you're about to land the fish of your life. Just grab the net and give it a yank....after you’ve landed that monster, reach back and the two mates snap back together.Use it as a key chain, pliers holder or flash light’s there when you need it,..
Ex Tax:20.93€
Major Craft Solpara Landing Shaft available in two sizes 4 and 5m. Goes with MajorCraft HEXA-NET.ModelMeterPcsCm(Closed)LS 400SP4761LS 500SP5961..
Ex Tax:71.77€
Telescopic aluminum Net by PREGIO in 4 dimensions.LengthWreath Diameter1.50m40x40cm1.70m50x50cm2.10m50x50cm2.50m50x50cm..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Fishing landing net telescopic with crystal net.Length: 2.50mSections: 2Wreath Diameter: 50x50cm..
Ex Tax:18.95€
Fishing landing net telescopic with crystal net.Length: 2.20mSections: 2Wreath Diameter: 50x50cm..
Ex Tax:19.35€
Foldable telescopic landing net with aluminum handle and hoop. With monofilament mesh (0,60 mm), almost invisible in water, prevents the hooks from getting snagged and dries quickly so that it doesn’t smell or get worn out by moisture.Mesh: 24 mmHoop: 55x55 cmHandle: 2x70 cm..
Ex Tax:13.71€
Foldable durable telescopic landing net with aluminum handle and hoop. Rubber coated mesh, which doesn’t get tangled and dries quickly so it doesn’t smell or get worn out by moisture.Nesh: 15mmHoop: 50 x 50cmHandle: 2x70cm..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Floating landing net made of durable aluminum, with pocket sized telescopic handle. Rubber coated mesh, which doesn’t get tangled and dries quickly so it doesn’t smell or get worn out by moisture.Dimensions: Hoop: 45x45cm /Mesh: 6mm  / Handle: 2x35cm Hoop: 50x50cm /Mesh..
Ex Tax:17.74€
Floating Net of Rapala company, made of black anodized aluminum, with soft short handle with elastic cord. Its net has a depth of 50cm and is made of rubber that has greater strength, does not get tangled and dries quickly.Handle: 20cmWreath: 55x45cm..
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Multi-fiber telescopic pole for landing nets and gaffs. It is light, with a short transfer length.Maximum Length: 3mClosed Length: 42cm..
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An ultra-strong floating net ideal for kayak fishing or wading.Dimensions: 50x40x60cm..
Ex Tax:29.03€
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