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The ultimate double-sided box for large artifacts with an air intake system for instant drying of the artifacts after use.Dimensions: 335 x 240 x 62mm..
Ex Tax:24.19€
High quality double sided box for 14 lures with very good value for money.Dimensions: 360x250x65mm..
Ex Tax:14.19€
High quality boxes with very good value for money.Dimensions: 252x197x40mm..
Ex Tax:5.65€
High quality boxes double sided with very good value for money.Dimensions: 275x185x50mm..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Practical plastic double sided box for Egi or artificial lures up to 140mm long. The “Y” shape interior keeps the lures in an optimal handling position and helps water drainage through internal holes.Medium: 20 x 16 x 4,5cmLarge:27cm x 16cm x 4,5cmX-Large:27,5cm x 18,5cm x 5cm..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Clear plastic box with long horizontal dividers and capacity for a variety of big lures. Quick and easy opening system by a shaft. The interior is made with individual customizable divisions.Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 4,5cm..
Ex Tax:7.26€
Cinnetic Horizontal Slim Box Cinnetic Horizontal Slim Box
Out Of Stock
Rectangular clear plastic box with horizontal divisions and a moderate size, ideal for keeping lures up to 22cm long. Quick and easy opening system by a shaft. The interior is made with individual customizable divisions.Dimensions: 23 x 12,5 x 3,5cm..
Ex Tax:4.84€
A great quality box that by dimensions is thought for keeping bigger lures in a tidy way, such as big poppers, walkers, or big stick baits among others. It is indispensable for our popping trips.Dimensions: 21x14,5x4cm..
Ex Tax:8.87€
New case from the company Cinnetic called Rock Box. Made of hard material it will protect all your little things from water and moisture. Internally it has several spaces which we can configure depending on what we want to place inside. Externally it has non-slip strips for greater safety and p..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Ecogear Aqua’s special case for storage. Designed with 4 locks it is airtight. The container is also coated with an antibacterial NANO SILVER layer to keep your lures fresh. Capacity: 180ml..
Ex Tax:7.26€
Ideal for light games such as mebal fishing! You can store small items such as snaps and hooks in the upper eight thin bottoms, and plugs up to 4 inches in the lower multi-space. With a convenient divider.Size : 122 x 87 x 34mmColor: White..
Ex Tax:16.85€
The Ima Lure Case 3010 NDDM has the same dimensions in length and width with 3010 NDM,but here the height changes. From 40cm we goto 60cm, while the partitions are horizontal and notvertically. They are definitely suitable for her vestIMA and some vests of the trade. Availablein 6 colors.Size : 205 ..
Ex Tax:12.10€
The IMA LURE CASE 3010 NDM is basically caskets that fit fishes up to 13cm vertically, while horizontally fit artificially up to 19.5cm. It is high quality plastic and fit in the pockets of each fishing vest. Available in 5 colors.Size : 205 X 145 X 40mm..
Ex Tax:10.89€
The easy-to-use and popular lure case, 3010NDM has been redesigned and re-appeared!This time, from the ima image colors ima navy (lime) and lime (lime), to the fresh appearance of marine (marine), salmon (salmon) that stands out even in the field, and the unique violet that is unlikely (Violet) and ..
Ex Tax:10.89€
Ima Lurecase Riversible 140 Ima Lurecase Riversible 140
Out Of Stock
Ima's first, both sides storage type luer case. Because the lure is stored separately, the lure on hand is obvious! The hooks don't get tangled, so lure changes are smooth! As it is equipped with a drainage duct, it can also be washed.Size : 205 x 145 x 40mmColor: Black..
Ex Tax:17.66€
Double sided case from Kali Kunnan company. Made of hard and durable material.Dimensions: 19,8 X 8,5 X 5 cm..
Ex Tax:4.35€
Double sided case from Kali Kunnan company. Made of hard and durable material.Dimensions: 19 X 11 X 4,6 cm..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Kali Kunnan Lure Box 24 Kali Kunnan Lure Box 24
Out Of Stock
Hard case of 24 parts to carry your artificial, squid jigs, etc. It has transparent partitions - sections where it is easy to see what you have inside without wasting time looking. It has a double zipper and a double handle.Dimensions: 30x20x8cm..
Ex Tax:26.61€
Assist Hook case from Majorcraft company!Inside it has 10 waterproof storage bags.Available in 3 colors.Dimensions: 175mmX140mmX50mm..
Ex Tax:16.09€
Meiho Reversible 100 Meiho Reversible 100
-10 %
Perfect solution to keep safe you hard baits. Each bait have own tray and never be scratched with other bait hooks. Boxes have two sides and both ventilated. Your hard baits will be dry and hooks rust free.Dimensions: 200 x 126 x 36mmMaterial: πολυπροπυλένιοSeat Dimensions: 14 x 10cm..
8.60€ 9.55€
Ex Tax:6.94€
The original Face-to-face triangle design. Egi weight and hook slot neatly into the base groove. Reversible 140 is the same size as our VS-3010 trays and can fit lures up to 140 mm long.Dimensions: 205 × 145 × 40mmMaterial: Polypropylene..
10.50€ 10.65€
Ex Tax:8.47€
Meiho Reversible 145 Meiho Reversible 145
-10 %
In these double cassettes, no the point is left unused! Ideal for Squid, fish and jigs.Dimensions: 206 x 170 x 44mmMaterial: Polypropylene..
9.50€ 10.55€
Ex Tax:7.66€
Double-sided case of the revolutionary MEIHO Reversible Series. It is ideal for keeping artificial baits, which are stored in such a way that they do not hit each other and do not interfere with their hooks or shawls. Its cases have a triangular shape for the full exploitation of space. After use it..
11.80€ 12.15€
Ex Tax:9.52€
Meiho Reversible 165 Meiho Reversible 165
-10 %
The Meiho Reversible 165 plastic case was made with your fishing lures in mind. This case features 8 plastic ridges that create perfect slots for your fishing lures. What sets this case apart from the rest is that is is reversible. That's right, two sides, two lids, and two sets of lure holders on e..
13.10€ 14.55€
Ex Tax:10.56€
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