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Tai Rubber - Tenya - Kabura

A rod with a trigger handle for fishing with Tai rubber lures. The slim blank and solid tip allow moving the lure with the needed softness to get interest from differentkinds of bream while keeping firm at combat, working in a constant and progressive way throughout its length. Equipp..
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Crony Gundog Slow Pitch Crony Gundog Slow Pitch
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The Crony Gundog Slow Pitch rod is engineered specifically for Slow Jigging, Tai Rubber and Inchiku styles, of high quality carbon, to ensure that it meets all performance requirements. The Crony Gundog rod series are equipped with Sic guides and are suitable for braid. The reel seat is toleran..
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We know what you might think when you hear about Chinese rods. Think again. Crony is a multi-awarded company, making extremely light and strong High Modulus Carbon rods, which are covered by warranty from 1-3 years and are available at affordable prices.The Crony Gundog Tai Rubber is engineered and ..
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Daiwa Legalis Boat Game Daiwa Legalis Boat Game
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Legalis Boat Game rods are baitcasting models designed for ledgering work. The extended butt allows for a more comfortable hold under the arm when fishing with larger weights. The relatively soft tip action will minimise hook pulls. The blank is both fine and strong through the two-thirds to guarant..
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Daiwa Legalis Tai Rubber Daiwa Legalis Tai Rubber
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Made from High modulus Carbon blanksOFF SET executives unionAntifouling FUJI O concept aluminum guidesFUJI DPS mechanism baseProgressive actionAntislip handle EVAPE # 0.8-2.0Section: 1+1Closed Length: 151cmQuides: 12ModelLengthWeightActionLEGTR2.08m158gr40160gr..
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Daiwa Legalis Tenya Daiwa Legalis Tenya
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Legalis Tenya is an ideal rod for the technique of Tenya… It has an extremely sensitive top that will read even the slightest pinch.Transport Length: 129cmSections: 2Guides: 12ModelLengthActionWeightLEG 832MHBF2,52m2080gr171gr..
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Powermesh Tai-Rubber is a high quality rod. It has Fuji O guides, and is made of Carbon HVF. This is a rod that corresponds perfectly to the technique of Tai-Rubber.HVF carbonFuji O GuidesDaiwa mechanism baseEVA handleTip actionSections: 2Transport length: 149cmGuides: 12ModelLengthWeightA..
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Daiwa Powermesh Tenya Daiwa Powermesh Tenya
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Powermesh rods are ideal for sea tenya fishing. The range contains two rods with complementary powers: 10-40g or 20-70g. They are equipped with a very flexible scion which makes it possible to detect the slightest movement at the end of the line but also to deceive the mistrust of certain fish.High ..
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Daiwa Team Daiwa Tenya Daiwa Team Daiwa Tenya
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This Team Daiwa rod is dedicated to Tenya fishing. It has a particular spiral assembly of rings which limits tangling in the tip on the downward animation phases. Its long heel provides good comfort when fishing for the use of Taï Rubber and tenyas in deep fishing. The full colored tip has highly vi..
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The updated Crostage is here to reward the Majorcraft audience with another upgrade without incurring purchase costs. New blank lined with Micro Pitch Cross Force and coated guides that increase their life against rust. A fairly affordable rod for the novice and experienced fisherman, as it offers a..
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Major Craft Fullsoli Tai Rubber
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The dream rod must be light, unbreakable, accept threads of various diameters and not let the fish unhook. Your dreams come true with the new boat for boat techniques from Majorcraft. As the name implies, FullSoli is made of a full carbon rod, making it virtually unbreakable and extremely flexible. ..
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Major Craft's first solid tip Tai Rubber rod has made its debut. These rods are ideal for bottom fishing techniques such as Light Jigging, Kabura, Inchiku and Tenya.They have been designed as an extension of what fish can bite easily and how we can easily set a hook. These techniques can not be easi..
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The best value for money available on the market for boats. It covers several techniques, always offering easy solutions in choosing an economical and good reed.Equipped with X-Force, SS drivers Fuji O-Ring and Fuji Reel Seat.TAI RUBBERSections: 2 (Grip attachment / detachment)Tai Rubber M..
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Okuma Magda Tai Rubber
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Tai Rubber is becoming more and more popular and Japanese company Okuma has built a truly quality reed at an affordable price. Although it is a Japanese fishing style in its origin, the great demand and the particularities of the Mediterranean sea, led Okuma to the development of Magda Air, a g..
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Pregio enriches their Tai-rubber range with the Limit Tai-Rubber model. Limit Tai-Rubber belongs to the Pregio Limit series, a series that contains specialized rods for many techniques. The Limit Tai-Rubber has a parabolic action available in 120gr and 150gr and 2,01m in both sizes. Pregio Limit Tai..
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Pregio with this specialized rod for Free Slide and Tai Rubber techniques goes to another level, giving the audience a unique higher class rod. Specifically designed to work fine with the free slide of Hayabusa and every tai rubber, and it will handle perfectly thin braids, PE 0.8 - PE 1.5 and thin ..
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When the companies Fin-Nor and Rhino are combined, then the result can only be amazing and be the 8 Miles Out Vario rod. Friends of Trolling will remember Fin-Nor's Variado rod, which revolutionized their construction materials and quality.The Rhino 8 Miles Out Vario series is full-carbon blank, a f..
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A pure Tai-Rubber rod, made of high quality carbon, divided into the base, a feature that gives it more durability. It has a pair of Fuji guides, also suitable to use braid and handle baitcast. It has fast action and its guides are spirally wrapped (Spiral Wrapped) to give the rod 100% of its power...
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