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Nylon Lines

Carbotex Original Carbotex Original
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The polyamide copolymer with CARBON-TEXTURE technology eventuate prominently stable and strong molecular bonds. These bonds give the line ultra high tensile strength and superior knot strength with remarkable UV-stability. The advanced quality controlled manufacturing and the newly developed Japanes..
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Fishing line very resistant to friction and wear time, flexible, sensitive, memory-free and easy to use. It has a very strong and durable outer casing, which is a complex of HMPE and polyamide molecules, processed with the Sufix Magnetic Extrusion Process. At the same time it is soft and delicate, i..
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For longer, more accurate casts and unmatched toughness, this line belongs on your reel.Features :Superior casting distance with pinpoint accuracy due to its Proprietary Extrusion Process. Up to 15X greater abrasion resistance from new XV2 technology. Exceptional knot strength and smo..
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