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How to use coupons

If you have a discount coupon, you can purchase products from our online store, taking advantage of the corresponding discount on the cost of the order. If the discount coupon concerns an offer exclusively for Fishing Mania members, you must first log in to your personal account. The discount will apply to the cost of the products you purchase (it does not apply to the cost of payment methods and shipping).

How to use coupons
1. Choose the product (or products) you wish to buy and place "Add To Cart", then view the shopping cart and then select "Checkout";.
2. Enter the discount code in the "Coupon Code" field (Figure 1) and press "Submit". If your discount code is valid, the discount amount will automatically be deducted from the total of your order.

3. Fill in the remaining required information (address, payment and shipping method) and" Confirm order".

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