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MEDIUM STRONG - ACTION! Telescopic 100% reliable, is mounted with tubular summit and its sections reinforced with carbon coils make it suitable both for fishing in the river that for sea fishing.Transport Length: 135cmModelLengthWeightDiameterSectionsCAGI51C6,00m278gr22,8mm6CAGI51D7,00m357gr26,..
Ex Tax:66.94€
Telescopic fishing rod made by fiber glass fibers, ideal for spinning. They feature light, thin, but very strong straps, a non-slip handle and SIC guides, also ideal fishing with braid line. They have excellent value for money.LengthClosedLengthWeightSections3m115cm125gr34m115cm225gr45m115cm350gr56m..
Ex Tax:6.45€
High quality carbon fiber pole. It is too lightweight with reinforced sections that give it a straightforward setup. It has an aluminum cap and a loop on the top.LengthClosedLengthWeightSections5,00m124cm270gr56,00m124cm380gr67,00m124cm675gr7..
Ex Tax:36.29€
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