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Small sciccor from Aligator company.Material: InoxPlastic handleLength: 11.5cm..
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Made of aluminium alloy heat –treated to precise tolerances.Replaceable jaws are made of SUS420J2 Stainless steel and tempered for a longer life.The jaws Includes split rings opener and crimping function.Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters with a hardness of 70+HRC. Easily cut braid line and mono.A..
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Line cutting clip with a hanging lanyard.Stainless steel very sharp edge.The big handle allows easy operation even with gloves.Also equipped with an anti tangle needle and small knife.Including hanging lanyard with a very practical ruler printed on.Including an additional plastic connector for hangi..
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Daiwa D Magnet
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Smart magnetic gadget with carabiner for transporting endurance equipment up to 3.5kg...
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Daiwa DASP 300 Daiwa DASP 300
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DASP300 pliers are designed for tropical fishing, allowing you to open 5-15mm split rings. The DASP300 offer excellent cutting action thanks to the tungsten carbide blades (don't cut with steel) and are supplied in a carry pouch.Technical DetailsLength160mmWeight85gr..
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Dress 7.5inch Aluminum Plier Dress 7.5inch Aluminum Plier
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One of the essential items that you should have with you when fishing is a fishing tackle.The "DRESS 7.5inch Aluminum Pliers" is a multifunctional fishing pliers with various functions, such as opening split rings and thread and line cutter. It also has a lock function, so even beginners can us..
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A rubber grip with the DRESS logo is attached to the grip to prevent slipping even with wet hands!Aluminum alloy body has an ultra-light weight of 150g!The tip parts are made of rust-resistant stainless steel material + titanium coating!Tungsten steel is used Easy to cut PE line!With split ring open..
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A compact size squid gaff that is ideal for Langan Egging. It is a more convenient item that is less likely to get in the way when moving than a tamo. It also has the advantage of less disparity because it avoids the risk of catching squid legs and eggs on the net when using tamo.By reduci..
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An essential tool for all fishermen! High quality stainless steel pliers, equipped with a tooth for split rings.Length: 18cmWeight: 110g..
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Golden Mean Hook Sharpener Golden Mean Hook Sharpener
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Portable hook sharpener from the Japanese company Golden Mean. We can easily and quickly sharpen all our hooks with a few movements.Construction material: Diamond WhetstoneLength: 85mmWeight: 21g..
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Plier from the Japanese company Golden Mean.The "Micro Plier" is compatible with split rings (# 00-2) and very easy to use.Length: 85mmWeight: 17.5g..
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Pin on Reel from the Japanese company Golden Mean!With a large spool (100cm), of excellent quality and with great durability. Thanks to the mounting hook on the back, it can be mounted in various places.Length: up to 100cmWeight 45.5g..
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"GM Plier Long Nose Type 3" with light but reinforced stainless steel body and titanium coating. Multifunctional head shape that incorporates a sharp cutter and a split rings opener with a separate ring. With a long nose so that we can reach deeper points. It has a ring and spiral so that it is conv..
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Golden Mean Plier Type 3 Jr Golden Mean Plier Type 3 Jr
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GM Plier Type 3 Jr. "with lightweight but reinforced stainless steel body and titanium coating. Multifunctional head shape incorporating a sharp cutter and a split ring opener with a separate ring. etc."GM Pliers Type 3 Jr." is a compact pliers that is easy to use and is ideal for performing detaile..
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Small but powerful magnetic accessory for the transport of waste or other equipment...
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Ima original pliers with a combination of lightweight aluminum body and stainless steel tip. Split ring opener, PET also comes with a line cutter that can cut sharply. A pliers holder that can be attached to the spiral lanyard and belt is also included as standard.Length: 6.5 Inch..
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Small scissors from the company Mustad. Ideal for cutting braid...
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Mustad Fillet Knife MT134 Mustad Fillet Knife MT134
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Perfect for smaller freshwater fish, this 6" Mustad Fillet Knife features a double-molded, ergonomic handle textured for grip and designed with comfort and superior balancing in mind. The curved blade design provides a better working angle to cut as close as possible to the bone for maximum output. ..
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Mustad's new model for 2020 is called MTB001. 6-inch knife suitable for fish filleting. Solid construction made of stainless steel.Gentle handle.Solid construction.Seath with belt grip.Blade Length: 15.2 cm..
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Prep your bait for action out on the water with Mustad's 4-inch Bait Knife. Compact and handy, this knife is built with a high-quality stainless-steel bla belt gripde and ergonomic soft grip handle.Soft Grip.Solid construction.Seath with belt grip.Blade Length: 10 cm..
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Mustad Plier MT026 Mustad Plier MT026
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The Mustad MT026 Featherweight Aluminum Plier is lightweight and durable. Made from aircraft grade ultra-light aluminum that has been heavily anodized for greater corrosion resistance. Features coated stainless steel jaws and replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters.Length :18cm..
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Split Rign Plier from Mustad. Necessary for every fisherman!Length: 13cm..
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A tool that opens and holds the bait rubbers open, so that the hook and the bait can be easily passed inside. It works with a simple press...
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Scissors ideal for braided line. Their slim design provides great accuracy.Length: 11.5cm..
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