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Major Craft Giant Killing Long Fall Major Craft Giant Killing Long Fall
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The Long Fall models are reborned with improved overseas specifications. The blank was brushed up and is stronger than old long fall model. Old models also was much loved but the power didn't match the use in the overseas market. 3oz class is stopped and replaced with 6oz class.You will be able to f..
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Cinnetic Blue Win Eging Cinnetic Blue Win Eging
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It's here. Eging junkies can now enjoy a rod with all the "know how" and Cinnetic engineering at an extremely popular price. With a blank worthy of products of a much higher level, this functional and solvent cane will be your best choice.Transport Length: 133cmQuides: 2ModelLengthActionWeight258ML2..
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XZoga Black Mamba Attack XZoga Black Mamba Attack
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The new Black Mamba Attack rod from XZoga was born as a light weight, flexible and power lure casting game rod. Behind the Xzoga name is a professional fishermen team with a vast experience in sport fishing, which has been in the course of 20 years. Opening them to new, innovative things, profession..
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The successor to the legendary Fireball, specially designed for Fireball fishing with heavy weight heads and large baits.Sea Guide Sic RingsFuji Reel SeatModelLengthWeightActionFireball V-Jig1,90m259gr100-225gr..
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Cinnetic Blue Win Inshore Ul Jigging Cinnetic Blue Win Inshore Ul Jigging
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Boat rod for many fishing techniques from the company Cinnetic. Ideal for Light and Ultra Light Jigging.Sections: 1+1ModelLenghtActionWeightUl 1901,90m40-120g185g..
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Entry model for boat fishing, ideal for small boats or shallow waters. Made of a combination of carbon and resins that gives it great durability and flexibility. The tip is solid and sensitive, capable for both fish as squid. Available in 210cm and 240cm. DNPS threaded reel seat ..
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The blanks of the range BLUE WIN Rock’n Dart are designed for fishing with rockfish, darting & micro jigging lures, mainly for vertical use. The tubular tips are very fast and reactive for moving the lures and reacting as needed to strikes when using soft lures, micro jigs and darting jig heads...
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The Cinnetic Crafty Dart’n Spin rod is ideal for those who want to start the Spinning or Lrf technique with a dynamic and quality rod.Made from a combination of carbon guides type "K" 30/24 HRC and handle Fuji VSS.Sections: 2Type: FastTransport Length:237ML: 123cm267ML: 138cmModelLengthActionWeight2..
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CRAFTY is an international reference for those anglers searching for known quality at a reasonable Price. This rod is designed for squid and similar fish, with a light and short length, capable of sensing and transmitting the slightest move through its slim blank. It is made of HRC 30..
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The blank, entirely tubular, is made of a combination of 30/24ton carbon and last generation resins producing a rigid and firm blank so thin and light, that we will spend long fishing days without fatigue. Ideal for handling small hard and soft rock fishing lures. It is equipped with ..
Ex Tax:74.19€
Evolution of the mythic EXPLORER Shore Jig. The HRC 24ton blank is designed for long casting metal jigs and other lures from cliffs and piers. The main target is big predators as amber Jack, barracuda or blue fish which wait for their prey between pools and foam. As a novelty it is equipped wi..
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As its name shows, this version completes the range with a more powerful action capable of casting jigs up to 100 g with an optimal blank performance. Made of HRC 24ton carbon radial construction and the most advanced resins. Equipped with a Fuji DPS reel seat for maximum stiffness an..
Ex Tax:76.61€
This is a new model of the RAYCAST XBR series, combining the best of darting and spinning. The slim and sensitive blank is capable of moving naturally small lures at thesame time than firmly casting heavier ones thanks to the nerve and power reserve of its 36ton XBR blank. Equipped with Fu..
Ex Tax:105.65€
A rod with a trigger handle for fishing with Tai rubber lures. The slim blank and solid tip allow moving the lure with the needed softness to get interest from differentkinds of bream while keeping firm at combat, working in a constant and progressive way throughout its length. Equipp..
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This is the top CINNETIC rod for this specialty. The Slim blank, developed in XBR 36ton carbon, is thin and light but with a good recovery capacity and fatigue resistance. The Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji “K” Alconite guides reinforce the technical side and durability of this rod. Avai..
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Made of carbon 30T with XBR reinforcement, this rod is designed for “Slow Jigging” use with multiplier reels. The slim blank hides a great power reserve, while the elastic and soft tip allows lure animation. Equipped with Fuji “K” guides with Alconite interior, S.S. “Dark frosted grey..
Ex Tax:137.90€
Cinnetic Rextail Light Jigging Cinnetic Rextail Light Jigging
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A very attractive rod made of a slim 24ton blank with XBR reinforcement having as main features strength and elasticity to perform in a brilliant and reliable way in any situation. Equipped with Fuji VSS reel seat and K series guides.Sections: 1ModelLengthActionWeight180L1.80m40-120g130g18..
Ex Tax:95.16€
Special version for slow jigging, made of 24ton blank with XBR reinforcement. Equipped with Fuji K series guides with stainless steel frame and Alconite rings. A rod that will surprise for its ease of handling and efficiency. Ideal for those who want to enter this fast growing modality with an..
Ex Tax:104.84€
MEDIUM STRONG - ACTION! Telescopic 100% reliable, is mounted with tubular summit and its sections reinforced with carbon coils make it suitable both for fishing in the river that for sea fishing.Transport Length: 135cmModelLengthWeightDiameterSectionsCAGI51C6,00m278gr22,8mm6CAGI51D7,00m357gr26,..
Ex Tax:66.94€
Crony's first Boat rod line is here. The Crony Gundog Boat can handle all kinds of baits from 80 to 220 grams and has infinite power in its Blank, as it is made with a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass in the trunk as well as high-strength fiberglass in the nose of the reed. A tool that should ..
Ex Tax:41.94€
Excellent quality rod for Eging, by Crony, suitable for both beginner and experienced anglers. The tip section is made of 100% pure carbon, and the grip section mixed with a little fibre glass which make it stronger. It features SIC guide and reel seat. High-quality paint. Unique metal anti-fake mar..
Ex Tax:58.87€
Fishing rod Gundog by Crony for Light Rock Fishing. The Gundog series is the ideal rods for those who want something beautiful, reliable and economical with excellent value for money. The blank of these rods is made of 90% top quality carbon fiber of Korean origin, the guides are Sic while the ..
Ex Tax:58.87€
Τα καλάμια της σειράς Gundog έρχονται με πολύ υψηλής ποιότητας βαφή, δέσιμο πολλαπλών στρώσεων, εντυπωσιακά βολική λαβή από EVA τάπα με χάραξη Laser . To blank των καλαμιών αυτόν είναι κατασκευασμένο από ανθρακώνονταν άριστης ποιότητας Κορεάτικης προέλευσης ,οι οδηγοί είναι τύπου SIC ενώ η βάση του ..
Ex Tax:59.68€
The Crony Gundog Spinning rod series is ideal for those who are looking for a reliable, attractive and excellent value for money rod. The quality of the rods and the equipment used on them will really impress you. On the Gundog series, the effort of the Crony company to satisfy fishermen, is more th..
Ex Tax:100.00€
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