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Tatler BC200 Tatler BC200
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Baitcast reel from Tatler. It has a relatively fast speed and many bearings that ensure its smooth operation.10 bearings with one way clutchDual brake systemCNC machined aluminum spoolInstant anti-reverseAluminum star drag with clickerQuick-release side plate for spool changeRatio: 6.3:1ModelLineCap..
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Daiwa Saltist LTD Daiwa Saltist LTD
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The Saltist LTD is a dynamic display of power from Daiwa. He took the already beefed up Saltist and made him even tougher! A step below the Catalina, the Saltist LTD is a very reliable choice for heavy fishing like jigging and shore jigging!Bearings: 9+1Real 4 TechnologyAluminium BodyMagsealMagseal ..
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Very high performance Baitcasting mechanism from the Korean company Banax. It is easy to handle and has great durability, as it is made of aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion. The single crank with the oversized handle made of non-slip EVA foam material, allows comfortable handling. The pre-adjus..
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Banax Klaus 104 is a reliable, quality Baitcast fishing gear. It is a light fishing mechanism ideal for the Tai Rubber technique and for fishing from the boat. With high construction standards and excellent value for money.Low weight bodyWith distributorStrong gearsExtremely light spoolContinuous no..
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The Crafty Evolution CRBK from Cinnetic is a fantastic mechanism with components and the characteristics of a semi-professional spool, available in 2 different sizes. Cinnetic built the Crafty Evolution CRBK based on titanium nitride material that increases the smoothness of rotation and the durabil..
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A solid body, with a strong energy system and a high level of efficiency. The perfect ally for the EXPLORER II series of mechanisms. Forged aluminum spool with double anodizing and non-slip "braid ready" tape. Robust CRBK toner body, which ensures perfect gear alignment during battle. Double-edged m..
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The Cinnetic Raycast SS 7000 CRBK consists of a rigid graphite CRBK body sealed by a ring with a lightweight "Hollow Rotor" rotor and a 100% stainless steel shaft. It is powered by 7 + 1 stainless steel bearings, 4 of them sealed, to avoid the invasion of dirt and salt crystals.The crankshaft is mad..
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The Rextail MH HSG from Cinnetic presents a radical image, which includes a compact and dynamic mechanism and a powerful brake, capable of fighting large predators in medium and heavy rotation mode. Cinnetic has built the Rextail MH HSG with titanium nitride as the base material, which increases smo..
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The Ballistic LT 2017 is a key feature of our LT (Light and Tough) era of reels. Anglers are always looking for an extra edge and demand tackle that is lighter than ever. Daiwa is leading the way, of course, pushing our own boundaries of high technology, handling pleasure and weight reduction.The bo..
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Daiwa BG Black LT Daiwa BG Black LT
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The Daiwa BG Black LT 2021 is the first reel in the BG series to marry Light & Tough technology. Remaining faithful to the famous qualities of solidity of this series it becomes more compact, manageable and reactive. The body is made of super-strong, torsion-proof aluminum; the clutch is a power..
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Daiwa BG Black LT ARK Daiwa BG Black LT ARK
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The Daiwa BG Black LT 2021 is the first reel in the BG series to marry Light & Tough technology. Remaining faithful to the famous qualities of solidity of this series it becomes more compact, manageable and reactive. The body is made of super-strong, torsion-proof aluminum; the clutch is a power..
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The BG RR LT was also added to the BG line. A very hard but also light mechanism came to untie the hands of even the most demanding fisherman! BG RR LT is an excellent choice for those who deal with the technique of spinning / heavy spinning but also for the technique of light shore jigging.ATD..
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Daiwa BG MQ Daiwa BG MQ
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Daiwa’s BG series has changed the game of what affordable quality looks like in heavy-duty spinning reels. Now, by combining Monocoque Body (MQ) technology with the mass market appeal of BG, 20 BG MQ is born. Monocoque Body (MQ) is the single biggest revolution in spinning reel design from Daiwa by ..
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Daiwa BG Saltwater Daiwa BG Saltwater
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The BG series ranges from ultralight freshwater actions to heavy big game saltwater models. With a strong black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing and a solid screw in handle this reel is extremely rigid. The BG reels also feature an all-aluminum frame and features Digigear technology. Com..
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The Daiwa Caldia LT convinces by its light weight and strength. The Caldia LT series has been developed according to the new LT concept and unites the successful Daiwa technology, with the new Light & Tough concept. The 2018 Caldia LT is considerably lighter than the previous series and fea..
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Daiwa Caldia SW Daiwa Caldia SW
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The long-awaited SW series debuts in the popular CALDIA with a monocoque body! A new standard of SW spinning debuts. Equipped with a large-diameter tough digital gear on a full metal (made by AL) monocoque body, it is powerful and light. This reel is produced for wide range of fishing, includin..
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Daiwa Certate G LT 2019 Daiwa Certate G LT 2019
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A new "Monocoque Body" aluminum frame and a sleek design from the "Concept LT", here is the new refined and sharpened version of the legendary Certate version 2019! Lighter, more compact and more precise, the technological prowess achieved by Daiwa engineers gives birth to a product exceeding all th..
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Daiwa Certate G LT ARK Daiwa Certate G LT ARK
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The Certate LT ARK is protected from water intrusion by MagSealed oil. Even during rotation, MagSealed oil is under tension in a magnetic field, preventing water intrusion. The spindle axis, the pick-up roller, the base of the drive wheel, all these masterpieces are protected by Daiwa MagSealed ferr..
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Daiwa Certate SW Daiwa Certate SW
-10 %
Hot on the heels of the LT and LT ARK models, the Certate is now available in a SW (Salt Water) version. The Certate has a formidable reputation among anglers and is now a reference point when it comes to compact, powerful, and tough spinning reels. With the arrival of the Certate SW, available from..
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Daiwa Crossfire LT Daiwa Crossfire LT
-10 %
The new Crossfire is here with LT technology, always at the same affordable prices!Drag System ATD1 ball bearing +1Body by CARBON DS4 and rotor made by Carbon DS4Aluminium spool-AIR SPOOLAluminium handleModelRatioDrag CapacityWeight1000XH6,2:15kg0.14mm150m220gr2000XH6,2:15kg0.16mm150m225gr2500X..
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Daiwa Emeraldas Air LT Daiwa Emeraldas Air LT
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Light as air, the Emeraldas Air LT reel is part of the latest generation of Daiwa LT reels. Its Zaion carbon frame is compact, solid and ultra-resistant to corrosion. It houses a Tough Digigear gear whose multiplicity of teeth and their high-precision cut promote contact between the contro..
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Daiwa Emeraldas X LT Daiwa Emeraldas X LT
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The Emeraldas X LT has been designed for targeting squid. The ATD drag brings a progressive action which is crucial for fighting squid. The full size Digigear guarantees smooth, lasting, accurate winding.ATD dragBearings: 5 + 1 inc 4 CRBBDS5 body and rotorLC-ABS (Long Cast) spoolCross-spire line lay..
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Daiwa Exceler LT Daiwa Exceler LT
-10 %
Exceler LT 2020 reels offer all the benefits of the LT concept with an exceptional power to weight ratio.The body and rotor have been made in Zaion V carbon, a new, tougher and more rigid material. The rotor carries a hollow aluminium Air Bail. The lightened handle screws directly into the body offe..
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Daiwa Exist LT Daiwa Exist LT
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The EXIST LT 2018 is the fruit of 60 years of innovation and a distillation of the latest Daiwa technologies. The EXIST LT 2018 has been made in Japan and marries the new Light and Tough (LT) concept with a one-piece monocoque magnesium body. The combination of these two ground-breaking innovations ..
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