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Rod belt. 2pcs per package...
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Cinnetic Neoprene Rod Band Cinnetic Neoprene Rod Band
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Confortable and useful pack of two Velcro bands, ideal to hold some rods , i.e. during transport, preventing them from hitting each other. The Velcro bands adapt to the different thickness of the rod and have a slot to allow a guide getting inside should it be needed...
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Daiwa Neoprene Straps Daiwa Neoprene Straps
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Premium neoprene rod bands perfect for storing and transporting pre-assembled rods. The slot in the rod band is design to fit over a guide to prevent the band from slipping when wrapped round the rod.SizeDimensionsMedium20x2,5cmLarge32x2,5cm..
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Tip Protector for rods. Made of neoprene material...
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Protector by Major Craft. Made of hard material so that the tip of our rods can withstand any impact!Length: 30cm..
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BM - 250 Rod Stand. The hook-shaped one-touch unit is adopted so that you can attach and detach the stand body with a single touch. Since it is possible to adjust the length of the stand to three stages, it can correspond to every fishing scene. Fits BM-9000, BM-7000, BM-5000, VS-7070 and VW-2070Siz..
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The Meiho BM-300 Lite Rod Stand attachment is a must have for anyone using our Bucket Mouth Tackle Boxes. This attachment easily and securely clips on to the side of the Bucket Mouth Tackle boxes so you can rest your fishing rod while you wait for that bite. This Rod Stand easily attaches to th..
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Okuma Neoprene Rod Belt Okuma Neoprene Rod Belt
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Okuma Neoprene is a protective clasp of exceptional quality and is ideal for split and three-split rods...
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Hook bracket from the company OWNER. Equipped with magnet.Sizes:S applies to rods with diameter: 6-12 mmM applies to rods with diameter: 10-16 mm..
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Hook bracket from the company OWNER. Equipped with magnet.Sizes:M applies to rods with diameter: 10-18 mmL applies to rods with diameter: 18-26 mm..
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Rod bands made of anti-slip elastic material and velcro.Dimensions:PA020: 2.2 x 21.3 cmPA023: 3.3 x 23.5 cm..
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Adjustable tripod by Primus. Reliable and durable.Height: 49-80-111 cm..
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Designed to protect the sensitive tips and rings of the rods during transport. Made of highly reinforced nylon with fiberglass reinforcements.Length: 39cm..
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The jigging rod when heading to fishing are bundled by the rod belt, cover to protect the fragile tip. When loading from the home to the car, it is possible to carry safely rod from the car to the ship. In addition, since the capacitance opening the "Rear adjustment zipper" even if by bundling sever..
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Straps for split reeds, with low elasticity for better application. They are externally adjustable with Velcro, while the inside is made of anti-slip rubber material. They are available in two sizes, wide and thin, in two-packs.DimensionsPacking2,1x20,0cm2 pcs/bag3,5x24,0cm2 pcs/bag..
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Yamaga Blanks Rod Tip Cover. Available in two sizes.Small: 360mmMedium: 450mm..
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Rod Belt from the Yamaga Blanks company. Neoprene material. Available in three sizes.Small: 190x24mmMedium: 330x380mmLarge: 470x100mm..
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Yokozuna Hook Keeper Yokozuna Hook Keeper
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An useful accessory for attach the hook to the rod. Easy to mount by using rubber rings. There are 3 pcs in a package. The rings are with different diameter (1 cm, 1.5 cm and 2 cm)...
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