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CARBOTEX's new ASSIST LINE is a fact. You will be impressed by its quality combined with its price which is extremely economical. Available for bindings (hooks).Thickness(mm)Test(kg)Length(m)Colour0.6053,10010Green0.8067,20010Red1.0074,50010Red1.3094,50010Red..
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100% Fluorocarbon lines for excellent knot strength, fast sinking and underwater invisibility.Virtually invisible under water Sinking line!Retains 100% of its knot and line strength when wet. Suitable for salt and freshwaters.Diameter (mm)F TestKG Test0.1603,752,300.1804,252,600.2055,..
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Carbotex Original Carbotex Original
-11 %
The polyamide copolymer with CARBON-TEXTURE technology eventuate prominently stable and strong molecular bonds. These bonds give the line ultra high tensile strength and superior knot strength with remarkable UV-stability. The advanced quality controlled manufacturing and the newly developed Japanes..
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