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Cinnetic Spinning Pro Bag Cinnetic Spinning Pro Bag
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Practical and smart bag made of Oxford 600D fabric with plastic boxes included and a number of gadgets for hanging all the needed items such as scissors, pliers, line clippers, bottles or even a spare rod or landing net. The compact design is ideal to carry just what is really needed and wa..
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Cinnetic Blue Win Eging Cinnetic Blue Win Eging
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It's here. Eging junkies can now enjoy a rod with all the "know how" and Cinnetic engineering at an extremely popular price. With a blank worthy of products of a much higher level, this functional and solvent cane will be your best choice.Transport Length: 133cmQuides: 2ModelLengthActionWeight258ML2..
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Made of aluminium alloy heat –treated to precise tolerances.Replaceable jaws are made of SUS420J2 Stainless steel and tempered for a longer life.The jaws Includes split rings opener and crimping function.Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters with a hardness of 70+HRC. Easily cut braid line and mono.A..
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Made of stainless steel and aluminium.Grip fish gently but securely to handle the fishes properly.Rugged, compact, lightweight and easy to use.Great for handling fresh and saltwater small species safely.Length: 93mm..
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Tinny jerkbait only 50mm long and 4g weight, which surprises by its frenetic wobbling motion. Despite the small size, with the right equipment, it is easily casted and is capable of swimming under the breakers foam, where small and medium size predators patrol under shelter. A must ha..
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Transport and protection case specially designed for rods with a mounted reel thanks to its peculiar protruding shape. It is made of Oxford 420D and 600D fabric and good quality zippers with customized rubber handles. The case is built over a rigid plastic frame which gives protecti..
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Cinnetic Blue Win Inshore Ul Jigging Cinnetic Blue Win Inshore Ul Jigging
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Boat rod for many fishing techniques from the company Cinnetic. Ideal for Light and Ultra Light Jigging.Sections: 1+1ModelLenghtActionWeightUl 1901,90m40-120g185g..
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Entry model for boat fishing, ideal for small boats or shallow waters. Made of a combination of carbon and resins that gives it great durability and flexibility. The tip is solid and sensitive, capable for both fish as squid. Available in 210cm and 240cm. DNPS threaded reel seat ..
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The blanks of the range BLUE WIN Rock’n Dart are designed for fishing with rockfish, darting & micro jigging lures, mainly for vertical use. The tubular tips are very fast and reactive for moving the lures and reacting as needed to strikes when using soft lures, micro jigs and darting jig heads...
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The Cinnetic Crafty Dart’n Spin rod is ideal for those who want to start the Spinning or Lrf technique with a dynamic and quality rod.Made from a combination of carbon guides type "K" 30/24 HRC and handle Fuji VSS.Sections: 2Type: FastTransport Length:237ML: 123cm267ML: 138cmModelLengthActionWeight2..
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CRAFTY is an international reference for those anglers searching for known quality at a reasonable Price. This rod is designed for squid and similar fish, with a light and short length, capable of sensing and transmitting the slightest move through its slim blank. It is made of HRC 30..
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The Crafty Evolution CRBK from Cinnetic is a fantastic mechanism with components and the characteristics of a semi-professional spool, available in 2 different sizes. Cinnetic built the Crafty Evolution CRBK based on titanium nitride material that increases the smoothness of rotation and the durabil..
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The blank, entirely tubular, is made of a combination of 30/24ton carbon and last generation resins producing a rigid and firm blank so thin and light, that we will spend long fishing days without fatigue. Ideal for handling small hard and soft rock fishing lures. It is equipped with ..
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The minnow suitable for any big fish! Small but solid and compact lure, 30 g heavy, that can be successfully handled in choppy or deep waters, where a lure with a good ratio between weight and size is essential. These features also allow it to be long distance casted. It performs a li..
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Trrrrrr…..Boom! This is the way you will feel the catches with the new Deep tracker! A lure specifically designed for trolling, attractive, well dimensioned, and easy to handle. It performs an electric and lively swim that will provoke a lot of aggressive bites. Recommended trolling s..
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Practical plastic double sided box for Egi or artificial lures up to 140mm long. The “Y” shape interior keeps the lures in an optimal handling position and helps water drainage through internal holes.Medium: 20 x 16 x 4,5cmLarge:27cm x 16cm x 4,5cmX-Large:27,5cm x 18,5cm x 5cm..
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A solid body, with a strong energy system and a high level of efficiency. The perfect ally for the EXPLORER II series of mechanisms. Forged aluminum spool with double anodizing and non-slip "braid ready" tape. Robust CRBK toner body, which ensures perfect gear alignment during battle. Double-edged m..
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The slim profile and the weight transfer system are the key points for long casting. This combination of factors and its 18g weight make of the EXPLORER MINNOW 140F a bullet across the sky. In the water it moves wob’n roll fashion in a wide speed range, thoroughly sticking to the wate..
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The Slim shape and the weight transfer system by tungsten balls are the key features for long casting. This combination and the 28g of weight make of the EXPLORER MINNOW a bullet crossing the air. In the water the main feature is that it swims perfectly at any speed and keeps doing it..
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Evolution of the mythic EXPLORER Shore Jig. The HRC 24ton blank is designed for long casting metal jigs and other lures from cliffs and piers. The main target is big predators as amber Jack, barracuda or blue fish which wait for their prey between pools and foam. As a novelty it is equipped wi..
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As its name shows, this version completes the range with a more powerful action capable of casting jigs up to 100 g with an optimal blank performance. Made of HRC 24ton carbon radial construction and the most advanced resins. Equipped with a Fuji DPS reel seat for maximum stiffness an..
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Clear plastic box with long horizontal dividers and capacity for a variety of big lures. Quick and easy opening system by a shaft. The interior is made with individual customizable divisions.Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 4,5cm..
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Cinnetic Horizontal Slim Box Cinnetic Horizontal Slim Box
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Rectangular clear plastic box with horizontal divisions and a moderate size, ideal for keeping lures up to 22cm long. Quick and easy opening system by a shaft. The interior is made with individual customizable divisions.Dimensions: 23 x 12,5 x 3,5cm..
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Cinnetic Individual Reel Box Cinnetic Individual Reel Box
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Reel box is a protective case for our reels. Padded and rigid. The square shape and compact size are meant to optimize the space in our bags or rucksacks, avoiding dead room. Depending on the reel model perhaps dismounting the handle will be needed for better fitting.Size “M”(18x..
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