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The ultimate double-sided box for large artifacts with an air intake system for instant drying of the artifacts after use.Dimensions: 335 x 240 x 62mm..
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Here is the most compact version of fish grip from Spro . The Lip Gripper 360 is smaller, so it benefits from a better grip which will make your movements more precise. This fish clamp has been equipped with a new innovation: a handle rotating 360 ° on its axis. This will minimize the damage to the ..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Spro Back Pack Spro Back Pack
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Back Pack Large capacity rucksack with several external pockets and even a provision to store a fishing rod. Includes 4 tackle boxes (27,5x18x14cm). All bags supplied without content.Dimensions: 27 x 21 x 41cmMateriel: 100% Polyester..
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This multifunctional backpack comes with 4 tackle boxes accessible through the front pocket. There is a rod or landing net holder on one side and a large side pocket and pliers holder on the other. Strategically placed D-rings are ideal for carrying accessories such as nets, unhooking mats and bottl..
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These pliers from Spro allow you to effortlessly cut braid, mono, fluorocarbon and even wire. They are made of stainless steel and suitable for both fresh- and saltwater conditions. They have a soft-touch PVC handle for optimal grip.Length: 16 cm..
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Excellent quality jig heads from the company SPRO. Made by Gamakatsu hooks.HookWeightLengthPcs2/05gr39mm42/07gr40mm42/010gr40mm4..
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An ultra-strong floating net ideal for kayak fishing or wading.Dimensions: 50x40x60cm..
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Spro Led Head Lamp 1600 Spro Led Head Lamp 1600
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This wide angle headlamp spreads the light for visibility over a larger area.Batteries: 3xAAA150 LumenWeight: 55gDimensions: 60x55x50mmUV: 7 hours durationHigh: 2,5 hours durationLow: 12 hours duration..
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Stainless steel. All forged and hardened. Excellent, corrosion resistant satin-nickel finish, ideal for fresh- and saltwaterwater use. Micro split ring tip function.Leaf-spring on handle for easy single-hand operation. Comfortable soft-touch PVC grip. Especially designed for micr..
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Spro Norway Expedition Pilker Bag Spro Norway Expedition Pilker Bag
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This pilker wallet is ideal for carrying pilkers up to 250g. This compact bag features a comfortable carry handle and fits nicely in your tackle bag.Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulin materialWater resistantEasy to maintainABS zippers (corrosion resistant, even in saltwater conditions)Dimensions: 31x4,5x22cm..
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Changing or removing split rings has just become a whole lot easier with the Split Ring Pliers from Spro. They are made of stainless steel and are suitable for fresh- and saltwater conditions. The pliers have a comfortable soft-touch PVC handle for optimal grip.Length: 15.5cm..
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Spro PVC Chest Waders Spro PVC Chest Waders
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High-strength chest boot, made of PVC material with reinforced straps. It is 100% waterproof.Available in numbers: 41-42-43-44-45-46..
Ex Tax:69.35€
The SPRO case is made of hard-resistant material with foam inner lining to transport your mechanisms.Available in two sizes:Medium: 17x16x18cmLarge: 24x28x13cm..
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Spro Shoulder Bag Spro Shoulder Bag
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Incredibly practical shoulder bag for "wanted" fishermen made of waterproof nylon 3000PU COATED with EVA FOAM inner lining to support the artificial. It also has cases for pliers or other tools as well as 2 plastic storage boxes.Dimensions: 25 x 11 x 27cm..
Ex Tax:56.45€
Probably the most popular box for storing lures or other objects up to 28cm.Dimensions: 280 x 185 x 45mm..
Ex Tax:8.87€
Highly practical two-sided box for storing the artificial with an air intake system for the immediate drying of the artificial after use.Dimensions: 270 x 175 x 45mm..
Ex Tax:11.29€
Specially designed 2-sided box for artificial with a special case for slugs.Dimensions: 200 x 155 x 45mm..
Ex Tax:7.66€
Probably the most popular box for storing lures or other objects up to 16cm.Dimensions: 273 x 190 x 40mm..
Ex Tax:11.29€
New compact small artificial storage boxes, with 10 internal partitions and inner lining with EVA material.Dimensions: 175 x 95 x 30mm..
Ex Tax:5.65€
New compact small artificial storage boxes, with 10 internal partitions and inner lining with EVA material.Dimensions: 230 x 120 x 42mm..
Ex Tax:8.06€
With this split ring pliers it is very easy to assemble split rings. The pliers have a special shape with which you can open split rings. In addition, there is a cutting section with which you can cut steel wire, braided line and nylon line straight.Length: 12cmWeight: 80g..
Ex Tax:8.87€
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