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A tool that opens and holds the bait rubbers open, so that the hook and the bait can be easily passed inside. It works with a simple press...
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Bait Needle from Primus company. Available in two sizes.3338: 12 cm3339: 20 cm..
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Elastic Bait Rings for Tai Rubber.Medium: 5 rollsLarge: 5 rolls..
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Primus Eva Rig Winder F0311 Primus Eva Rig Winder F0311
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Eva rig winder from Primus company.Features: 3x9,5cm / 3x3 pcs..
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Foldable telescopic landing net with aluminum handle and hoop. With monofilament mesh (0,60 mm), almost invisible in water, prevents the hooks from getting snagged and dries quickly so that it doesn’t smell or get worn out by moisture.Mesh: 24 mmHoop: 55x55 cmHandle: 2x70 cm..
Ex Tax:13.71€
Foldable durable telescopic landing net with aluminum handle and hoop. Rubber coated mesh, which doesn’t get tangled and dries quickly so it doesn’t smell or get worn out by moisture.Nesh: 15mmHoop: 50 x 50cmHandle: 2x70cm..
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Ηead lamp with COB 3W with great brightness. It features 3 different modes: full brightness, low brightness and flash. It has adjustable inclination and works with 3 batteries AAA (not included).Bulb: COB 3W..
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USB rechargeable headset from ABS and PC, with a white LED and two COB led, with 5 different functions alternating by holding the ON / OFF switch for 3 "middle" LED on, COB white light on, middle and COB white light on, COB red light on or COB red light flash. All functions can be activated with a s..
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Lip Grip made of high-strength CNC machined aluminum with stainless steel parts and comfortable EVA handle. It is very lightweight and easy to use with trigger mechanism. Available with adjustable cord.Length: 26cm..
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Lip Grip made of stainless steel and comfortable handle made of EVA. Easy to use with one hand, with piston mechanism and small in length. Available with adjustable wrist strap.Length: 18cm..
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The classic turtle case from the company Primus.Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 30 mm..
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Case containing 10 silicone spools, in which the riggings are wrapped. Each spool also has a case on each side for small items, such as hooks or split pencils, etc.Dimensions: Φ6 x 14.6cm..
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Rod bands made of anti-slip elastic material and velcro.Dimensions:PA020: 2.2 x 21.3 cmPA023: 3.3 x 23.5 cm..
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Scissors ideal for braided line. Their slim design provides great accuracy.Length: 11.5cm..
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Glove for the Surfcasting technique from the company Primus...
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Floating landing net made of durable aluminum, with pocket sized telescopic handle. Rubber coated mesh, which doesn’t get tangled and dries quickly so it doesn’t smell or get worn out by moisture.Dimensions: Hoop: 45x45cm /Mesh: 6mm  / Handle: 2x35cm Hoop: 50x50cm /Mesh..
Ex Tax:17.74€
Compact flash lights which emit UV radiation and activate the phosphorus of the artificial baits. They work with 3 batteries AAA (not included).Led: 12 ledLength: 9.5cm..
Ex Tax:4.03€
Trace and rig winders from Primus company.Features: 17x5,5x1cm / 5 pcs..
Ex Tax:1.61€
Adjustable tripod by Primus. Reliable and durable.Height: 49-80-111 cm..
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Underwater fishing light that attracts fish, prawns, squids etc. Its bright light can be seen from 75 meters away through water. It is available in green color which mostly attracts squids and white color for general purpose marine life. It has 180 high intensity super bright led and 5m cord...
Ex Tax:24.60€
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