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Specialized braid from the company GOSEN for the technique of Eging.Length: 150mColour: Yellow4 strandsMade in JapanModelPEMaxGS14506#0.612lbGS14508#0.814lbGS14510#117lb..
Ex Tax:23.39€
For strands braid from Gosen company.Color GreenLength: 150mMade In JapanPEKG(kg) maxDIA (mm)
Ex Tax:15.32€
A high-quality 8-thread brided line Gosen W Hard Type 8 is made of Izanus threads. Very tight and hard threads, it guarantees minimal water absorption, long casting and excellent bait sinking. Hard Type 8 is perfect for fishing with lures and egi, its high sensitivity allows you to register even the..
Ex Tax:23.39€
Specialized braid from the company GOSEN for the technique of Light Rock Fishing.Colour: OrangeLength: 150m4 strandsMade in JapanPEMax#0.25lb#0.38lb#0.410lb..
Ex Tax:23.39€
Gosen Fishing Lines is considered one of the best companies in the area. For more than 50 years he has been involved in the manufacture of braids and linesThe Gosen W8 is the gold cut in Japanese braid as it combines all the features of a pure-made Made in Japan yarn at a very affordable price. It i..
Ex Tax:29.03€
Gosen Casting braid has great durability and very long shots. Having been specially treated not to absorb water, Gosen Casting does not weigh at all.You can work it on most fishing techniques.Length: 150m8 strandsMade In JapanPELBDiameter0,6140,132M0.8160,153M1.0200,171M1.2250,187M1.5300,216M..
Ex Tax:21.77€
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