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The Megabass Giant Dog SW is probably one of the best WTDs (Walk The Dogs) on the market.Length: 97mmWeight: 17,5g..
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The Megabass Kiss Marine Gang Cookai 140F is an exceptional lure for fishermen on the edge who are looking for long throw distances and wish to explore shallow areas.The lure comes equipped with a short, narrow, angled downwards at approximately 45 degrees from its horizontal position, which will ma..
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The one-ten LBO SW equipped with the new generation center-of-gravity instantaneous movement system “LBOⅡ” dramatically improves castability in the case of headwinds, and enables a super-long approach that can be a masterpiece even under the blast of Agenst. In addition, the LBO II lowers the center..
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High Responsibility Big Jerk Bait realized by using the LBOⅡ, an instantaneous center of gravity movement system. Thoroughly polished "Hydrodynamic Body + LBO Packaging" completely eliminates the delay in initial movement and mottling seen in conventional large minnows.The incredible high-responsibi..
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