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The new (2019) Tailwalk Basal Widepower VT81 is a powerful reel for fishing techniques such as Tai Rubber and Slow Jigging.Bearings: 4BB + 1RBLine Retrive: 99cmLine Capacity: PE 3 / 260mAvailable in two models:VT81R: Right-handedVT81L: Left-handedModelGearRatioWeightDragMaxVT81RR..
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Tailwalk Dash L-Eging Tailwalk Dash L-Eging
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As the name suggests, the L-Eging series means cephalopod fishing. This Eging rod is distinguished by a sensation of lightness, an excellent balance, as well as a perfect resonance, to feel the jigs. Which is an essential advantage for this technique. Note the extreme lightness of these rods, which ..
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Tailwalk Dash L-Jigging Tailwalk Dash L-Jigging
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Rod blank is slim but it has good tightly feeling because blank thickness and cross wrappping. So the anglers can perform sharpness jig action and easy to make jigging rhythm. You can make naturally jig action and good and beautiful rod bending.X-wrapping carbon sheet from butt section to ..
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A rod for Eging with great build quality from top quality materials! The low weight of the rod results in relaxed fishing, even if the angler works it all day! The Egist SSD has the perfect parabola so that the squids are not cut when we bring them to the shore, also the sensitivity helps to transfe..
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Tailwalk Elan Widepower II reel is perfect for light technics such Slow Jigging, Kabura, Tenya, Inchiku.Bearings: 5XSSRetrive: 87cmLine Capacity: PE 2.0 / 300mAvailable in two models:71 BR: Right-handed71 BL:  Left-handedModelGearRatioWeightDragMax71BR7,1:1315gr12kg71BL7,1:1315gr..
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Rods exclusively for seabass fishing! High quality construction, strong blank and new technologies utilized to the fullest by the Japanese company Tailwalk!The goal of the company was to produce a rod that is strong, reliable, easy to use and to forgive any mishandling of the fisherman. The top of t..
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Tailwalk Manbika VII Tailwalk Manbika VII
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Popular category throughout the country, Shore jigging. The size of the target, Man Vika series corresponding to different situations has evolved into a heavy shore jigging model. Jig & plug in addition to the cast is easy smooth action design, subjected to X lapping. It won a sen..
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Tailwalk Salty Sape Dash Jigging Tailwalk Salty Sape Dash Jigging
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SALTYSHAPE DASH JIGGING series are for standard jigging game, combines the proven performance features - Very strength and toughness, Move jig as imagination of angler, Good responsibility, Easy handling for beginners but expert anglers consent also.Good for AMBERJACK, YELLOWTAIL, TUNA, GROOPER, and..
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Tailwalk Salty Sape Dash Tairaba Tailwalk Salty Sape Dash Tairaba
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On this style, at first fall TAI-RUBBER to the bottom and retrieve slowly as steady speed. Then feel fish bite on rising up TAI RUBBER.Needed so smooth bending curve because TAI should stop biting if feel something wrong on TAI-RUBBER.Also needed powerful belly section for catching big size like ove..
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This new standard rod series exclusive to Slow Pitch Jerk has 2 directions in its lineup. The first is Tubular blanks. And the second is Full Solid(FSL) blank. Due to the difference of these structures, anglers can expand the possibility of own strategy.The Tubular models are orthodox Slow Pitch Jer..
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Salty Shape Dash ‘SPJ’ is a middle class rod for slow pitch jerk jigging. It has high versatility, slim, and light weight. This rod has sharp feeling and high sensitivity receiving fish bites from deep sea which is needed for slow pitch jerk. This rod equipped with Fuji stainless steel K-guides with..
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