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A top-of-the-line, topwater, “Walk the Dog” lure should always be in your fish catching line-up. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil Popper features the patented 3D Internal Prism that reflects light in all directions. The large single internal cadence rattle gives this lure exceptional fish attracting sound dur..
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Classic fabric hat from the Japanese company Yo-Zuri. Comfortable, durable and suitable for all seasons...
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We compared thoroughly the number of vibrations of fins.When the fins receive water pressure ,it makes attractive wave motion.So, squid tend to grab PATAPATA Q without hesitation.Code: A1704Size: #3.5Weight: 19grSinking Speed: 3.5 sec/m..
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The new PATAPATA-Q RATTLE shrimp follows the design and philosophy of many artificials that have balls inside them. It makes very long casts since it has an internal floating weight system, while at the same time it creates a noise in the sea that attracts squid and cuttlefish.Code: Α1733Size:&..
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